Riding Bikes is Fun

One of the most important reasons people ride bicycles is because it is fun. The pure joy of pedaling a bicycle cannot be beat. If you have not ridden a bicycle since you were a child then you will surprised of the joy and freedom hat can be felt when riding a bicycle. Make sure you get a good bicycle and not a piece of junk bike from Wal-Mart.


Riding a bicycle can help a lot to ease stress. Stress can lead to numerous medical problems as well as deeply aggravate current medical problems. Riding a bicycle will also help you to get better heart with less chance of heart disease. Riding bicycles can help you to lose weight and get healthy. Regardless of where you have diabetes or simply are fat a bicycle may be able to help drastically with your medical conditions. Plus as we mentioned above, riding bicycles is fun. Any activity that is both fun and healthy will ensure that you do it more often so you will get a lot more benefits. Treadmills and stationary cycles are boring as hell but riding a bicycle through the Countryside is truly a lot of fun.

Save on Fuel

Surfer Dude With BikesCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ddebold/8323024264/

Commuting back and forth to work each day can get very expensive. You have the gas costs plus the wear and tear on your car. By riding a bicycle back and forth to work each day you will save a lot of money each year.

Commuting by bicycle for beginners often seems overwhelming but in reality it is not too bad at all and once you get used to it you will begin to love it. Instead of being stressed out stuck in traffic on the way home you can instead be riding your bike and having a good time on your way home from work. Depending on where you live you may even be able to make better time than you can in a car.


Bike CogCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29233640@N07/8322404123/

Many people see riding bikes as cool. Some people think that riding mountain bikes is the coolest thing ever and other people think if they dress up like a professional cyclist complete with Spandex bodysuit and ride a road bike that it is cool. Regardless of what you think riding bikes is cool. You may prefer road bikes or mountain bikes, but both are really cool. Being perceived as being cool is important to many people and if they perceive riding bikes as being cool then they will assume that others will perceive them as being cool for riding bicycles.

Back road traveling

By riding around your town on a bicycle you will see a lot of interesting things that you never would have been able to see if you had instead been driving a car. By taking a leisurely stroll around your town on your bicycle you will not only see new things but you also will have the chance to meet and greet with strangers who may even become lifelong friends. Bicycle riding is the best way to travel the back roads of life.

Positive influence

If you want to be a good role model to your children and help to be seen as a positive influence then ride bicycles. Show your children the benefits of riding a bicycle to the environment. Instead of just telling them to do good things for the environment you should also show them how. Teach you kids by example and if you want your kids to truly understand the impact that green living can have on the environment then teach them by leading a green life where you do things that do not negatively hurt the environment. You kids do not need a coal powered go-kart but they can use a bicycle and then you can ride around the neighborhood with your children. Bicycles are also great for bonding with your friends and family.

No Drivers License

Bike CruiserCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dno1967b/8307914764/

Most adults who ride bicycles also gave a drivers license; however, there is a certain sub segment of the population who has had their driver’s license suspended for drinking and driving. These people without a driver’s license often have to rely on a bicycle to get them around town to work and back to home. Instead of relying on unreliable people to give them a ride they have found that the bicycle is an inexpensive mode of transportation that is very efficient.

The independence factor is huge when it comes to people that do not have a drivers license. Instead of hopping on the phone to consistently bug their friends and family for a ride they can instead simply hop on their bicycle and get to where they want to go quickly.


Some people ride bikes because they love the competitive aspects of it. Some people love to downhill mountain bike race and others may love road racing. Riding bicycles competitively is a great way to stay in shape and to have a lot of fun. The power to win often comes down to the power in your legs. Unlike an automobile, the only engine is your legs and your lung capacity.

Bicycle Touring

Bicycle touring is very popular. Many people ride bicycles for their vacation time. You may only ride across the town you live in but other people will ride across Country. Imagine riding a bicycle from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. From San Diego, California to Miami, Florida. People that like to ride bikes sometimes get interested in traveling in a vacation by bicycle and there is no stopping them.

Traveling by bicycle is a cool way to vacation and not many of your friends can say they have ridden their bike across the Country. If you want to bicycle tour but have limited time then you can simply take weekend trips near your town and camp out for the night and then ride back home so your are back in time for work on Monday morning.