The love of Fishing
Credit: S Charge


When I was a young girl, my father would go fishing and sometimes I would join him just to watch. I would usually stay an hour or so and then cycle home thinking how incredibly boring it would be to sit waiting for a fish for hours on end. I never actually saw him land a fish which probably helped me form this opinion.

Many years later I found myself in a new marriage and my husband liked to go fishing at weekends. I decided to give it a go and have to admit that from that very first time I was smitten. I did catch several small fish at the lake that first time but have to admit  I didn’t know how I managed it as my husband seemed to be doing everything for me. He would tackle up for me and cast out my line and I would sit and wait. When I saw my float go under the water I would shout to him to come and help me. It wasn’t long however before I learned from watching him and within a couple of weeks I was casting out myself and landing the fish with some confidence. If I caught a bigger fish he would run over to help me but I was the one in that photograph on the bank holding my catch of the day. The more I fished the more I wanted to fish and looked forward to the weekends throughout summer. You could say I became well and truly hooked! Why? Why would anyone want to sit all day staring at a float in the water on their precious weekends?

My weekends prior to taking up fishing were spent watching television, doing the housework, shopping or visiting family. Sitting in the sunshine and fresh air away from the crowded shops or dusting indoors made me feel healthy and alive. I actually looked healthier, had an improved appetite and slept blissfully after a day’s fishing. I found it far too boring to lie out in the garden or on a beach to get a decent sun tan but by the end of each summer and despite spending the blistering days under an umbrella, I had acquired a tan to be proud of.  Fishing together with my husband gave us a shared passion too, a common interest and of course a friendly rivalry. On many occasions and to his dismay I out fished him and I still hold the title for catching the biggest fish in the family. When you share a passion such as fishing, even seeing another person land a big fish is a thrill. It’s not just a case of casting out and waiting, that’s the easy part. It’s the skill you need to actually get that fish up and out of the water safely that gives you a sense of achievement. Photographs are a must! You learn gradually and usually from your mistakes.

Just because you are a woman don’t assume you will be no good at fishing either. I have seen more fisherwomen joining their partners over the years. It helps if you have a good teacher as I did in my husband but you can also find lots of free videos online that will teach you how to tie a hook, what baits to use, how to cast and tactics in general. It is actually more interesting than it first appears. It is the thrill or anticipation of landing that big one that will keep you wanting to fish time after time.  Of course if helps if you are a patient person. Some days you may even draw a blank but those days are the exception to the rule.

Fishing is something that can be enjoyed by your children too, bringing the family together and making many happy memories. It is a healthy pursuit and has to be preferable to them sitting playing video games all weekend or consumed by a computer. Have I convinced you yet?  You don’t need the most expensive rod or reel, fishing licenses are cheap and to fish day ticket waters you will have lots of change out of a tenner. If you buy a local club season ticket it works out cheaper. A carton of maggots and a few worms may be all you need but for the squeamish a tin of sweetcorn and luncheon meat might just land you a big carp to rival that of your partner. Give fishing a try this summer ladies and I expect most of you will be pleasantly surprised. Ah the peace!