A bassinet stroller is probably your best option if you’re expecting a baby. This type of stroller is very comfortable for an infant. Roomy and relaxing, a bassinet stroller is like a small bed for your baby, which you can take with you everywhere. Infants sleep most of the day – they need around 18 hours of sleep every day. This is why your newborn will fall asleep ten minutes after you get out of the house. A bassinet stroller will provide for your baby the kind of comfort that he or she needs for daily naps. You can even use it inside the house, if you want to put our baby to sleep closer to you, in the kitchen or in the living room.


Comfort And Style – Peg Perego Bassinet Stroller

If you want to invest your money in a good quality item, which you will be able to use for years to come, then Peg Perego bassinet stroller is a great option. You can buy one that you can use as a bassinet for infants and that you can convert in a regular stroller, when your baby grows and can sit on his own. The upper part form Peg Perego bassinets can be detached and use as a portable bassinet. Also, the metal framing of the stroller allows you to attach a car seat, using it as a complete travel system. You can adjust the position of the handle, as you want: your baby will be facing you or facing the world.


How To Find The Best Bassinet Stroller

First of all, you need to analyze your needs. Bassinet strollers are slightly bigger then regular strollers, but you can find models that are light and easy to maneuver, if you search around a little. If you love spending a lot of time outside, the best bassinet stroller for you is the one that allows to your baby to take relaxing naps and allows you to handle it easy. Make sure that the product you purchase offers appropriate back and head support for the baby and pick one with soft, non-allergenic interior lining. The wheels of your bassinet should be swiveling, for better control.


Get A Complete Bassinet Stroller System

A bassinet stroller system might be the best solution for you. You can find products that allow several positions for the bassinet, transforming it in a regular stroller, suitable for babies who sit up and for toddlers. Another option would be to buy a stroller system with separate bassinet and regular seat accessories. It might be a little more expensive then the bassinet that turns into a regular seat, but it’s a lot more comfortable for your baby. Some of the brands even offer you the possibility to purchase a car seat that can be placed on the main stroller framing. Such a system is basically everything you need in terms of transportation and mobility of you and your newborn. Just imagine: instead of taking the baby out of the car seat and putting him in a stroller that barely has room in the trunk, you take out the car seat from the car and munt it on a light, compact stroller framing. Instead of paying money on three different items, you should simply get this type of bassinet stroller combo. It’s cost effective, takes less space and you have all those accessories at your disposal, to use them when you need them. When you buy a bassinet stroller combo, make sure it’s a durable one. You will be using it for years; don’t go for the cheapest offer, rather find a reliable, good-quality product.


Things To Check On A Bassinet Stroller Review 

 A bassinet stroller it’s not a cheap item. You need to find out all the details about the item you intend to purchase. By simply reading a bassinet stroller review you have the opportunity to discover all the strong points and the disadvantages of each product. Parents who are already using the product you want to buy are an amazing information resource. A certain product might look great to you, but only by using it you can be sure it’s the right one for you. Of course, you can’t use a stroller before buying it, but the experience of other parents is the next best thing. So, read reviews on all the baby products you intend to buy.