Classic and educational, an alphabet crib bedding set is the right choice for your child. The easiest way to teach children new things is by playing with them. By using alphabet crib bedding sets, you have the opportunity to teach your child all the letters, without stressing him or her. Putting a young child to bed it’s a very hard job. Toddlers and children would do just about anything to postpone the moment when they should be going to sleep. And convincing them to stay in bed is sometimes impossible. An entertaining bedding set, which will transform going to sleep into a real adventure, is the right way to avoid all the going to bed drama.


Alphabet Crib Bedding Sets

If you start teaching letters to your child when he or she is still very young, kindergarten and then school will go a lot smoother. Even if your child is still a toddler, you can start teaching him or her simple things, such as colors and letters. The bedding set is the ideal method to start the teaching process. Each night, you can spend a half of hour with your child, having fun with your colorful alphabet crib bedding set. If you pick a colorful one, the fun doubles: you get to talk not only about letters, but about colors too.


Alphabet Crib Bedding Set By MiGi

This exquisite set includes comforter, bumper, crib skirt and fitted sheet. Made of good quality fabric, the set is comfy and it looks great. The combination of pastel and vivid colors and the letters of various sizes give it a playful, cute appearance. Each letter has a picture associated – it will be easier and funnier for your child to learn the alphabet this way. Your child will enjoy the new bedding set a lot, and the room will look a lot better thanks to the crib skirt. 


Alphabet Crib Bedding – Kidsline

This charming set includes quilt, bumper, fitted crib sheet, dust ruffle, diaper stacker and window valance. The quilt and bumper feature alphabet print, while fitted crib sheet features geometric circles print. The dust ruffle and valance feature stripe print and the diaper stacker is decorated with alphabet print with contrasting stripe print. This set is much more then a simple bedding set – it actually dressed the whole nursery, transforming it into an interesting, stimulating room for your baby. The baby will become familiar with letters, colors and shapes.


Alphabet Crib Bedding Set CoCaLo

Alphabet crib bedding set CoCaLo prepares your baby for learning new things.  This four-piece bedding set includes a quilt, a four-sided bumper, a dust ruffle, and a fitted sheet. If babies are stimulated from a early age – talking to them showing them pictures and colors – they will perform a lot better while in kindergarten and in school. This charming bedding set is the perfect pretext to start teaching your baby new things. The beautiful, eye-catching colors are suitable both for boys and girls. Also, you can use it for babies, toddlers and even older children who still sleep in the crib. They will never get bored with this exciting bedding set.


Buy Only Good Quality Bedding Sets

When it comes to bedding sets for babies and toddles, it’s very important to buy good quality items. You’ll be washing the bedding set a lot, so you need something truly durable. If you are shopping for an alphabet bedding set, you need to consider the fact that you’ll be using the bedding set from the when you baby is still a newborn until the time he or she switches to big child bed. That’s about three years – it’s worth paying a little more when you buy it, since you’ll be using it for years. You also need to make sure that the prints and the dye used for the prints is a good-quality one. You’re buying the bedding set because you want your baby to learn the letters and the colors at a young age. But, if the letters start fading away after you wash the bedding set a couple of times, you won’t be able to use it for this purpose. The fabric is another issue you need to consider. Only buy bedding sets made of natural fibers for your babies, to avoid allergic reactions of any kind.