When you lead a busy life, it is easy to get disorganized and lose track of your days. If you have roommates or family members living with you, it can be frustrating to convey messages to each other or collect rent and other bill payments. An easy solution to these issues is utilizing a community dry erase board.

There are plenty of calendars, magnetic whiteboards, and portable dry erase boards for use in every room in the house, but community boards are extremely beneficial. As soon as a bill arrives you can write the amount each person owes on the dry erase board, and easily remind them to pay it on time. When you make baked goods to share you can leave a note on the board letting people know they are for everyone. You can also keep track of each other's schedules by writing them out on these boards as necessary.

Perhaps you are rarely home at the same time as your roommates, but you are hoping to have a group dinner sometime soon. You can simply write a note to everyone asking for what dates and times they will each be available. It serves as a great form of communication between roommates with different schedules.

If your kids have various after school activities, a dry erase marker board can help you stay organized. You can write down where everyone is and when they will be back. If you are part of a carpool, you can always write down which dates you are responsible for driving for an easy way to remember.

A great use for a magnetic whiteboard is as a leftover food reminder. It can be great to save leftovers, but it can be extremely frustrating to throw them away. If you write down what leftovers you put in the fridge and on what date, you are much more likely to remember to heat them up for dinner, rather than cooking something new. This eliminates a lot of wasted food, and can save you a lot of money.

If you or your family could use a little more organization in your home, you should put a dry erase board in a convenient location and see what happens!