Achieving a perfect smile has traditionally required the use of rigid metal braces for months on end. In addition to being unsightly, metal braces often irritate the mouth and gums. Invisalign, on the other hand, is a compelling alternative to ordinary metal braces, with a long list of advantages and benefits. A Mission Viejo dentist can discuss all of the particulars of the Invisalign system, helping you to make an informed decision.

Cost is most certainly one of the biggest factors when it comes to braces. However, the Invisalign device is about the same cost as its metal counterpart, averaging around $5,000. Both metal braces and Invisalign do a perfectly good job of straightening one’s teeth. They both work well in a multitude of situations, from crowding and spacing to poor bite profiles. That’s where the similarities end.

Unlike metal braces, the Invisalign is a removable, hard plastic device. Therefore, users can take the device out when eating or brushing their teeth, or for cleaning. A common malady with metal braces is the development of oral hygiene problems; such is not the case with Invisalign. There’s simply no chance for food debris to get trapped anywhere against the teeth. Straightening the teeth and keeping them healthy at the same time is a huge perk.

As mentioned before, metal braces can sometimes cause irritation. Because the Invisalign device is smooth and comfortable, there’s much less opportunity for discomfort. In fact, wearers of the Invisalign device often forget that it’s even there. In contrast to metal braces, the device has a very low profile and fits snugly against the teeth.

The Invisalign device is less disruptive to the user’s life in several ways. The ability to eat whatever one wishes and brush one’s teeth as easily as before has already been pointed out. But the Invisalign has even more time-saving advantages: metal braces require frequent orthodontist visits for checking and adjusting the “fit” of the braces. Users of Invisalign, on the other hand, only need to make an appointment every four to six weeks.

Perhaps the biggest perk of Invisalign is hinted at within the device’s name—they’re invisible to everyone else. The clear plastic device fits over the teeth seamlessly. This may be especially important to older patients who might feel embarrassed by wearing braces. However, given all the advantages pointed out here, Invisalign is an excellent choice for almost anyone.

Properly aligned teeth is not merely a matter of cosmetics. Misaligned teeth make a person more vulnerable to tartar buildup, cavities and gum disease. Overbites and underbites lead to excessive wear and tear on tooth enamel. Then there is the fact that dental health is a strong predictor of overall health. Cavities can foster infections, which can be quite dangerous should they enter the bloodstream. A confident, healthy smile is therefore one more component in total body health and wellness.

The Invisalign device is a practical, effective and affordable alternative to metal braces, capable of achieving the same result with far fewer inconveniences to one’s life.