If you are considering purchasing a chair lift for your home you will already have thought about all the advantages and disadvantages that are involved.

It could be a big financial decision to make but the reasons to get a home stair lift will be based on the emotional and physical need of a person which will no doubt outweigh the financial burden.

  • A chair lift makes your home completely accessible

  • A chair lift is much cheaper than moving house

  • A Stair lift will give a person back their independence

A Chair Lift Makes Your Home Completely Accessible

The main reason to install a chair lift is to make the whole house accessible to the person who has trouble getting up and down stairs. With a chair lift you would not have to suffer or struggle around.

The majority of homes are built with two storeys, the ground floor and the first floor. If you are living in a 2 storey house, you do not want to start feeling like you live in a bungalow.

A Chair Lift Is Much Cheaper Than Moving House

Installing a chair lift is a much cheaper option than moving house. If the stair lift is for an elderly relative that has lived in their home for many many years, it would be a painful decision to make if they had to leave their family home because they couldn't move around freely. With a chair lift in place, they can breathe a sigh of relief and stay in their home safe and secure.

A Stair Lift Will Give A Person Back Their Independence

Having an electric stair lift can also enable a person to regain their independence. There is no need to call on someone to help get up and down those challenging stairs. There is no fear of losing your balance or slipping on the stairs. You can simply make yourself comfortable in the chair, put on the seatbelt, take the remote control and with a push of a button, command the chair lift to carry you up or down the stairs, gently and efficiently.

Once you have committed to the idea of getting in home stair lift, you will want to look at the actual price range that you can expect to pay. If you do have some financial difficulties, you may be eligible to apply for a government grant which will help to pay for a percentage of the bill. Contact your local council to find out if this is available in your area.

There are several reasons to get a home stair lift but the main one is to improve the quality of life of the individual who needs a little extra assistance.

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