A portable light therapy box may be the answer to your prayers if you suffer from the condition known as seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as SAD. If you purchase a light box and have light therapy sessions everyday throughout the winter months, you will be able to combat the debilitating effects of the disorder.

Light therapy is a very effective method used to treat the symptoms of SAD.

Reasons to buy a portable light therapy box

  • You can take it anywhere with you

  • Light therapy is a completely natural method

  • Light therapy can treat acne

  • Treat wrinkles with light therapy

You Can Take It Anywhere With You

If you work somewhere where you do not have the opportunity to be exposed to natural sunlight for the majority of the time, you can get your light therapy treatment by taking along your portable light therapy kit. Depending on the size of the box that you buy, it should be easy to transport so you can set it up quite easily and have a 30 minute session which will have a calming effect on you.

Light Therapy Is A Completely Natural Method

Light therapy treatment is a totally drug free experience. A lot of people are worried about the harmful side effects that can occur with some prescribed medication like anti depressants or anti anxiety pills. Using a portable light therapy box means you are using natural resources to combat the effects of SAD.

Light Therapy Can Treat Acne

Scientific research has found that light therapy can be used to treat some cases of acne. Blue light therapy for acne is a case in point. The acne blue light therapy is able to kill the bacteria that cause the acne infection.

This acne treatment usually takes the form of several sessions, which can be administered by a doctor or a dermatologist. People like to use this as a form of acne prevention due to the lack of harmful side effects.

Treat Wrinkles With Light Therapy

Just as light therapy has a positive effect as a treatment for acne, people have found that blue light therapy for skin care is also great at reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the face and neck area. Sitting under the light source can help to increase collagen production, which in turn makes the skin look firmer, therefore reducing the wrinkles.

If you do suffer from SAD or if you are looking for alternative treatments for acne or skin rejuvenation, take a look at the cost of a portable light therapy box to see if this is suited to your requirements.