Some people don’t consider aquarium fish as pets. Some consider them as enjoyable companions and name them such as the woman that named her discus after Greek philosophers. Keeping a  tropical fish tank is an enjoyable hobby.

DiscusCredit: Professional Assassian


Fish may be the quietest pets one can have. The fish themselves don’t make sounds except for the occasional splash, but the equipment does. Pumps and filters make sound. Purchasing quality aquarium equipment and proper installation will make this a non-issue.


Fish are relatively inexpensive. The cost of setting up aquariums with filters and heaters may not be. These costs are fixed, and the equipment lasts for years. Common freshwater fish such as angelfish, platys, mollies are relative inexpensive. The more exotic freshwater fish such as discus can be expensive.

Angelfish(87389)Credit: Tusnamicarlos


Some watch their fish tanks like television. It is a relaxing and enjoyable activity, and a health benefit. Watching tropical fish can lower blood pressure and relieve stress.

Simple Maintenance

If a tank is set up properly, maintenance is fairly simple. Depending on the fish, water changes, cleaning filters and other equipment is done weekly or twice a month. Feeding the proper amount leaves less debris in the aquarium to help keep water chemistry in balance. Keeping the population less than tank capacity is also lessens maintenance.

Teaching Children Responsibility

Setting up a fish tank for children is a good way to teach responsibility. It gives them a pet that is completely independent on them to survive. If they don’t feed or provide the proper care, the fish will die. It teaches responsibility by feeding, doing water changes, cleaning and maintaining the pumps and filters and observing the tank to see if everything is going all right.  


A tropical fish tank can be a learning exercise if the person becomes interested in the fish they keep. Designing the aquascape fish live in can be a creative endeavor. A person that keeps a tropical fish tank can investigate their native habitat, and set up a tank to suit. A slow moving blackwater tank with bogwood is home for angels, discus and various tetras. Preparing a tank for fish like Malawi cichlids would be different.

Researching different tropical fish leads one to learn more about the area the fish come from.

Setting up an freshwater or saltwater aquarium may be just for the relaxation it provides. Some people like caring for the fish, watching and communing with them. There doesn’t have to be a deep reason to keep an aquarium other than it’s enjoyable.