If you are looking for a good healthy herbal remedy to treat the stress and strains of everyday life, you might like to buy and try a packet of oolong tea.

The health benefits of Oolong tea have been well documented and if you enjoy the taste and the aroma, you may find yourself drinking more of this instead of opting for other types of tea that people usually drink for health purposes such as nettle leaf tea or lemongrass tea.

Oolong tea originates from China. A literal translation of the word oolong is black dragon. This is the generic name for the tea which actually originates from black tea. Most people do not realise that a lot of different types of tea originate from the same tea leaf plant. Oolong is just another one. The reason for the difference in oolong as opposed to black tea is because it is not left to ferment as long as the black tea alternative is. The leaves that are used to create a product tend to be larger and are picked from the base of the tea plant.

Once the tea leaves are allowed to partially ferment, they are put through the drying out process. This is the time that will decide how strong the tea will become. The longer it is allowed to ferment, the stronger the tea will be.

You can purchase this at different strength levels just the way you can when you are buying coffee beans. Once you find the strength that you are happy with, you will definitely enjoy the full flavour and aroma of your freshly brewed tea.

There are other teas that are similar to the oolong variety and these are grown in different countries. Oolong comes from China but the 2nd biggest exporter is Taiwan. The tea from Taiwan is called formosa oolong tea which helps people to differentiate the products origins.

The health benefits from drinking tea has been a long held desire for people who prefer not to pollute their bodies with processed drinks or resort to popping a whole range of pills and medication. Drinking 2 cups of tea can assist in the overall wellbeing of a person. This is due to the anti oxidants combined with the caffeine that it contains. This combination helps to speed up the metabolism. Speeding up the metabolism helps to get the weight off which is what a lot of people are looking to do.

These are just some of the reasons to try oolong tea. If you take a quick look on the internet, you will be able to find good deals that are available. You may even find some companies that are offering free oolong tea samples.