There are many good reasons to install a keyless entry deadbolt system on your home’s exterior doors. Whether you are installing them on your front or back doors Schlage delivers top quality door locks which will keep your home secure but give you the added convenience of keyless entry.

The most common reasons to install keypad deadbolts are simple. You don’t have to give your front door key to your kids. They can remember the code to get in so that you don’t have to worry about lost keys or locked out children.

You can reprogram a code to give to a neighbor in a house-sitting arrangement. This ensures that they can get in while you are away to take care of plants and pets but also ensures you don’t’ have a neighbor copying your key while you are away.

Antique Brass Keypad DeadboltAnother common use is in situations where contractors are coming by the home. If you are organizing a series of contractors to work on your home and you don’t want to or can’t be available to let them in to do their work you can give them a temporary code to get in rather than leaving your home unlocked.

Other common reasons to install a keyless entry deadbolt on your home are simply because it’s more convenient. Running out for an errand? Grab the car keys and your wallet and go. There’s no need to grab your house keys. Have you ever stepped out of the house and ended up staying outside in the yard or at a neighbor’s house for longer than you expected? If so an auto locking deadbolt with keyless entry can keep your home secure.

Bump Proof Keypad DeadboltBasically when you need to use a key to lock or unlock your home you are forced to live with a little less convenience. Keys can get lost or copied and changing the lock becomes a huge chore. With most keypad deadbolt door locks however the keypad combination can easily be reprogrammed at any time without actually having to change the lock.

Many keypads actually allow you to have multiple entry codes programmed for various uses. You can have a master code for your immediate family and a temporary code that you give out to certain individuals on occasion. These temporary codes can then be deactivated whenever you want.

Double Sided Mechanical Keypad Deadbolt LockOf course a keypad door lock will cost you more money than a basic deadbolt door lock and this is a consideration. You can buy the cheapest keypad deadbolts to offset the difference a bit but I doubt you will save money in the long run because cheap keyless entry systems tend to need repair or replacement too often.

The best way to keep costs down is to actually buy a better keypad deadbolt lock which will cost you more money up front but will last longer and will be more secure. The Schlage BE365VCAM716 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt system is a good compromise in quality, durability, and price as it can easily be bought for about half its retail price online.