Although a number of bloggers consider themselves freelancers for various business aspects, freelancers don’t consider themselves bloggers. This needs to change for multiple of reasons.

There are tons of freelancers around the web today that are missing out on a premium resource for their income by not blogging. A blog is a wonderful way that a freelancer can profit as an entrepreneur. Many freelancers need to create a blog for a number of reasons.

These are five different reasons why freelancers should blog. a blog and having a blog presence on the web can enhance your freelancing opportunities in ways you may not have imagined.

1)      displaying a position as an expert in your field

A blog permits a freelancer to place themselves as an expert in their current field or line of business. Current clients and clients “to be” will learn more about your freelancing services and what you have to offer as an expert in a particular field. Create relevant posts that tell readers about topics that you excel at or prove your ability in an area. This is one of the most important reasons why a freelancer should blog.

All of the posts that you create for blogging purposes should stay professional and not personal. Professional posts are what you want your clients to see .

2)      networking can be achieved with blogs

Networking is an important aspect of freelancer business. Networking with others in your professional field or area as well as networking with clients can be achieved with blogging. Blogs are a way to connect with others through comments and posting relevant business. Blogs are great for networking opportunities.

Networking is a great reason freelancers should blog. For an example, clients or peers in your field of business will leave a comment that can help you understand what is going on in your field at this time. They can display current attitudes or opinions toward a subject matter or give a different perspective or point of view that you should consider for your area of business.  

3)      a blog is a home for a freelancer portfolio

A blog is great for finding a home for a freelancer portfolio. Bloggers/freelancers are able to create a showcase for their work. Establishing a blog lets a freelancer build a portfolio to their liking. For an example, you can fashion a static page that displays samples of the best of your work or link to websites where you work is published. Prospective clients are able to view your portfolio with a terrific idea of what your specialties are or what talent lies in your creative process.

4)      services for sale will be displayed on a blog

A blog is an excellent atmosphere to sell your services. Bloggers use the blog platform to market services. Freelancers that want to sell their services can also use the blogging platform. Blogs are a terrific reason for freelance marketing purposes.

5)      making your internet existence known

Making your internet existence known is important for freelance work. What better way to display your existence on the web than with a blog? Blogs will give an immediate online web presence which is important if your primary business opportunities are on the internet.

If you are a freelancer that has your business through other atmospheres, such as a brick and mortar business, a blog is an alternative way to contact and do business with you for clients.

Make certain to update all blogs are regularly with current subject matter. If you are linking to other websites where you work lies, make certain these are also working and current. If you haven’t changed your blog in a while, make updates to enhance your portfolio. There are a number of reasons why freelancers should blog. There are tons of different blogging platforms and free services that can help you make a brighter future for your freelancing endeavors.