Reasons Why Pawn Stars Is Fake

And Why It Really Doesn't Matter

Let me start this article off by explaining that I greatly enjoy watching Pawn Stars.  It's one of my favorite shows on television, and I catch it every time I stumble upon it.  I describe it as an "Antiques Road Show" that's interesting, and it doesn't make you look like a nerd if you're a big fan.  It follows a pawn shop in Las Vegas that is managed by 3 members of the same family.  Interesting things come into the pawn shop all of the time and the pawn stars employees try to get the best deals for the items.  In the process, the personalities of the employees are displayed, as each episode shows some sort of plotline.  The only pseudo-problem that I have with Pawn Stars, is that it is fake.  This doesn't really bother me though, considering that almost 99% of reality television is fake.  Pawn Stars is also not faked in a style that makes it annoying (such as Viva La Bam, Room Raiders, etc.), but it's faked in a way that is almost completely necessary for the show to thrive.

Pawn Stars 1

I will start this off with the main reason behind why the show is fake.  Rick calls a guy for everything.  He wants to make sure that the items he offers money for are completely legit by commissioning professionals, which is very understandable.  However, sometimes he calls "a guy" in order to make sure that he's not offering to little for the specific product.  In one episode, someone brings in some sort of replica flare canon from a 17th century trading ship.  He hands the flare canon over to Rick (who's a worker at Pawn Stars) and says that he has a replica, and he'd like to sell it.  Rick examines the canon very thoroughly and then explains how he thinks it might be a real flare canon, so he calls a guy to inspect the flare canon.  The guy ends up informing him that the flare canon is infact real (instead of a replica), and Rick offers him tons more money for it.  If you take a second to assess the situation, this isn't how the real world works.  If Pawn Stars wasn't faked, Rick would have offered 5 dollars for the canon "replica" even though he suspected that it was real, called up one of his guys after the final sell was made, and the profit would have been incredible.  Instead, it depicts Rick as a nice guy who's more concerned about the customer than his own finances.  This is misleading, and is obviously a reason why Pawn Stars is fake, because Rick, and every other pawn shop worker in the world is not in business to benefit the customers that walk into the shop, they are in it to make money.  This reason why Pawn Stars is fake doesn't really matter though.  Nobody would want to watch a show where the cast of Pawn Stars constantly rips people off, it would get old after a while.  As viewers, we want honesty to be a factor within the show.  All of Rick's "guys" that he calls to look at specific items are a necessary staple for the show, because they each add a different element and color to the dimension of the show.  Each has their own personality, and spin-offs have been created based on these people that help the Pawn Stars guys out.

Ricks Restorations

Also, the personalities of the workers in Pawn Stars is incredibly faked.  The two characters that I'm going to highlight as having fake personalities are Chumlee and "The Old Man".  They each are ridiculous characters who obviously fake their personalities on the show.  Chumlee is the bumbling fool who's always goofing around, "The Old Man" is the head of the Pawn Stars pawn shop, who always acts overtly bitter to everything.  These two polar opposite characters are a main way that the show has flavor.  Without them, it would just be a regular show about a regular pawn shop.  Though Chumlee doesn't really drop large axes into glass shelves, and the old man doesn't really sleep constantly then yell at people for not working hard enough, they add a sense of personality to Pawn Stars that captivates so many viewers.  Though almost all of the dialogue between the family members (and Chumlee) seems completely scripted, it really doesn't matter.  The show is not necessarily about the dialogue between the family, it is just a bonus along with the overall theme of working a pawn shop.  So much of the interaction between the characters is a main reason why Pawn Stars is fake, but it really doesn't matter because it's entertainment.


 Several customers in the Pawn Stars pawn shop are also a huge reason why the show is fake.  I understand that Las Vegas is an ever-changing fast-paced city, however some of the characters seem crafted in a writers studio.  Some of the most eccentric characters come in, expecting tons of money for things that are obviously worth nothing, others throw fits when they aren't offered what they are expecting, it just seems a little too extravagant to be real.  I've seen people try to get more at pawn shops and when the worker denies them, they simply say alright and take the money in desperation, or leave the shop feeling angry.  It never escalates to a begging disaster as it sometimes does on Pawn Stars.  Also, one episode featured a scene in which Chumlee has to chase down Bob Dylan for an autograph for some reason.  Chumlee ends up running into Bob Dylan (by himself) on a side street, and it appears that Chumlee has just ran into Bob Dylan out of nowhere.  This random cameo by Bob Dylan could not have simply happened by chance, but it was orchestrated by writers and higher-ups that phoned Dylan's people and got his permission.  It was very interesting seeing Bob Dylan and Chumlee interact on Pawn Stars, but the chances of them running into each other in the Las Vegas street is impossible.  The random characters who are customers in the pawn shop, trying to pawn things off, are completely necessary.  They add another interesting element to the show.  Temporary characters who bring something more to the plate that is "Pawn Stars".  

Bob Dylan Pawn Stars

Though I've presented several reasons why pawn stars is fake, it really doesn't matter because it's such a good show.  Though some parts of the show are probably real (you're able to go to the Pawn Stars shop and actually look around in Las Vegas), the parts that are faked are faked for a reason.  Nobody would want to watch a show about a boring pawn shop, where the cast has no personality, and the people coming into the pawn shop are boring.  It all makes for great television, which is why the reasons why pawn stars is fake, really don't matter at all.