What reason do people gave to always trash certain fast food restaurants? There are always people who criticize fast food and here are some of the top reasons why. You may or may not agree with these arguments, but I am sure they you have heard many of these complaints before.

Low Pay for Employees

Employees at fast food restaurants do not make a lot of money. Entry-level fast food restaurants generally make minimum wage when they start off. Yes fast food employees do not make very much money but the flip side is they provide many jobs for people in high school and without education. If the cost they paid to employees was increased then the business owners would probably just pass the extra costs onto their customers by hijacking up the prices of everything on the menu. Do you think the low pay for fast food restaurants workers is fair, especially when you consider that it is generally an entry-level job that does not take any advanced training?

Unhealthy Food

New Delhi McDonaldsCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/27228302@N04/5374834493/

We often hear about people complaining how unhealthy fast food is. Yes it can be very unhealthy; however they would not serve that type of food if it was not popular with their customers. On the other hand fast food restaurants such as McDonalds are increasing the number of healthy foods they have available.

The one argument that I pretty good is that fast-food restaurants serve unhealthy foods such as greasy and fat laden hamburgers and then advertising and market towards children. These children plead with their parents to take them to McDonalds so they can get a Happy Meal. Is this fair to the children or the parents? I know this is one of the reasons you hear when people are complaining about fast food restaurants.

World you eat at McDonalds if they only sold spinach and feta cheese sandwiches? What healthy foods do you think McDonalds could sell that would also be very popular with a wide variety of customers?

Crappy Meat

It does not matter how good of beef fast food burger joints use, because there will always be people that accuse them of using low grade beef. Some of these myths are perpetuated by facts such as the Taco Bell meat that has chocolate and other fillers added to it. Crappy meat is one complaint you will hear all the time from some people about why they think fast food restaurants suck. What is funny is a lot of the people that company about these fast food restaurants continue to go and eat there on a regular basis.

Dirty Employees

It is common to hear people complain about the employees. These may be high school kids who they think will spit in their food if they irritate them or the person may view the uneducated adults working there as “dirty trailer park trash” who have Hepatitis C. Although all of these things are true, it is far from being common. Most of the employees are actually hardworking individuals who are using the job to support them until they can get something better. When you stereotype fast food workers as dirty or losers then you are insulting a huge cross-section of people who do not deserve to be treated this way.

Fake Food in Commercials

In the commercials for fast food restaurants there are always pictures of big juicy burgers with the toppings sitting on the burger just right. When you actually order one of these burgers you get it wrapped up, part of the patty hanging off, the condiments smeared all over, and the lettuce is far from fresh and crisp. This is one reason that irritates a lot of people and they will refuse to eat any burgers that are not made to the standards portrayed in the fast food commercials for the burger. In otherworld’s, these people rarely eat fast food burgers. Fake food settings are common in advertising, but is it fait to the consumer? Would you eat at a burger place if the ad shows a burger sloppily made and assembled?

No Free Range Chicken or Grain Fed Beef

Many people boycott KFC because they think their chickens they use are not raised in a humane way. Other people will not eat fast food hamburger because the beef was raised with artificial hormones. Grain fed cattle is the best and yes it is good to treat chickens humanely; unfortunately there are not enough people to actually bring a full vegetarianism with no meat to all fast food restaurants. I am actually grateful for this because I like my bacon and other meat.

Incompetent workers

earlier in  this article I defended the fast food workers above but we have all had the inconvenience of ordering food at the drive-thru and then when we get home we realize they either shorted us on our order or they got it completely wrong. When you drive back to the fast food restaurant and try to get your order right they treat you like you are trying to scam free food from them. When you get upset that they will not give you what you ordered then they ask you to leave because you are making the employees feel threatened. These people are not threatening the employees up until this point, but now it is a strong possibility if they do not give me my Double Quarter Pounder with cheese that I ordered and produced a receipt for. All they have to do is go review the security camera to verify that customers are not lying but that is too hard for these incompetent workers.

Not all fast food restaurants have bad employees or bad food. Many fast food restaurants are operated by independent franchise owners and they take great pride in operating their store and keeping customers happy.

Many people complain about fast food in general but usually people seem to only shy away from 1 or 2 fast food restaurants and continue to visit the rest of them regularly. Which fast food restaurants, if any, do you like?