How is it that so many people fail in life? Why do so many people fail? Here are some reasons why people end up failing in life. Some of these may not necessarily be the persons fault, but it is still a reason that they failed.



Laziness is like a disease. If you get the “lazy disease” then you will fail. How can you become successful in life if you are lounging on the couch, eating potato chips, and not looking for a job? It is imperative that you overcome this disease by getting up, taking a shower, and then go get a job. Would Lance Armstrong have ever won the Tour De France if he had been lazy? Would Neil Armstrong have ever landed and walked on the moon if he had been lazy? The good thing about having the lazy disease is that you can overcome this condition. You know how to overcome this condition so get off the couch and go get a job.

Medical Problems


The lazy disease is similar to a medical condition except you can overcome it by not being lazy. An actual medical condition can derail your chances at being successful. If you are diagnosed with cancer and are in chemotherapy all of the time and then die, well then you may not be successful at life however it is not your fault.

Wrong Attitude

If you have the wrong attitude about life then it can be hard if not impossible to become successful. Successful people are always looking at how to better themselves and are not blaming other people for their problems. Successful people adapt and overcome any and all situations so they can continue becoming even more prosperous each and every day.

Drugs and Alcohol

Many people such as Hunter S. Thompson were able to do drugs, drink a lot of alcohol and still be extremely successful in life. Yes you can do illicit drugs such as snorting cocaine and drinking too much alcohol and still do great in life. Many people actually do better in their chosen art or field of work when they are on drugs. Some carets where people seem to function better include some writers, some female strippers, and O.J. Simpsons Lawyer. For most people though drugs and alcohol will lead people down the wrong street. Literally, you will go down the wrong street when you are looking to buy some drugs and then get your life sent on an ever-changing course. To maximize your chances at a successful like it can held drastically to stay off drugs and alcohol.

Self Doubt

You begin to doubt yourself and think that you cannot achieve something. You need to realize that you can do almost anything you want in life. You may not ever be President of the United States or an astronaut, but there is so much you can do. If you want to own a house in Park City then you can do it. Make a plan and then work towards it.