There are a lot of reasons why people refuse to get married. Each person is an individual who can make their own choices. Some of the reasons why people choose not to get married are valid and other reasons are asinine. Here are some of the top reasons why people will not get married.


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One of the most interesting reasons people don’t get married is because they like freedom. The person may want to be free to do anything they want and not have to feel the burden of a family. Some people strive to stay single so they can have less responsibility than a married man. Other people will strive to stay single so they can continue dating numerous different women. In many ways you do lose some of your freedom when you get married but on the other hand you also gain a lot by getting married.


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If you can meet someone that truly has similar goals in life and or can be supportive of your goals then it may help you out tremendously in life. Many people stay single because they cannot find someone who supports their goals in life. One of the most tragic mistakes someone can do is to give up their goals in life to get married. If you have always wanted to be a paleontologist then getting married may keep you front raveling around and digging up dinosaur bones. On the other hand if your wife is also a paleontologist and travels with you then you have mutually compatible goals.

Fear of Divorce

A fear of getting divorce paralyzes many people from the desire of wanting to ever get married. If your parents went through a nasty divorce when you were a kid then you have seem the potential for damage and may want to avoid any chance that you will get divorced by simply not getting married. You cannot get a divorce if you do not get married.



Some people are extremely shy. If you are a person who rarely leaves the house then you may be scared to meet new guys or women. How can you meet a potential life mate if you are too shy around people? You need to learn to open up and talk with people. If you cannot get over your shyness then you are truly limiting your potential marriage prospects.

Health Reasons

Health problems are a huge concern for some people who choose not to get married. These people may have one of numerous different problems that seem like it will be impossible to get a spouse. It does not matter if you have erectile dysfunction, stuck in a wheelchair, or are missing a limb because if you meet the right person it will not matter. Do not let health reasons keep you from ever getting married. You health problems may make it more difficult to meet people to date; however if the problem you have is keeping them from dating you then they are definitely not the right partner for you and you need to keep looking.

Not Met the Right Girl


People who plan on never getting married may change their mind when they meet the right person and fall in love It is only natural to change your mind about ever getting married once you meet the right guy or girl. You may have no intentions of ever getting married but if you ever fall in love then you may easily change your mind about this.

Looking in the Wrong Places

Many people do not get married because they keep meeting people who are awful to them. If you are a conservative Christian then you should look at meeting a girl or guy at church instead of at the bar. If you love stock car racing then you should look for a girlfriend at the car races instead of at the hippy convention. If you like to hunt then you should meet a girl who also likes to hunt or at least grew up around it with her dad and brother shunting so it will seem acceptable to her.


Many people are afraid of getting married because they fear that the other person may only be out for their money. Although this does happen, as with all other reasons on this list many times this is a problem that is better dealt with by talking to a mental health counselor.

Career Advancement

Many people, especially women, choose not to get married and have a family because they are focused on their career. It can be hard to work your way to the top of the corporate ladder if you become pregnant and have to take some time off of work. Many people feel like they need to choose between either being a mother and having a family or remaining single and accomplishing their goals in the business World.


You may be OCD or have some unique way so f doing things that bug the hell out of everybody else and you cannot find anyone that can live with it. Maybe you have an odd habit if covering up the windows with blankets and black tape and then not allowing any sunshine to eve come into your apartment. Although you may prefer this most other people will at least want the option to open up the periodically and let some sun in. Regardless of what your idiosyncrasies are you will find that the stranger your habits are that the harder it will be to get married. Some people simply give up on ever getting married but you should not because the Internet allows you to meet other people with similar interests and weird habits. You may think you are the only person who collects toenail clippings but I am sure you can find web forums and dating sites that cater to people with that interest. Regardless of what your habits are you should be able to find a compatible mate.