In today’s World it is very common to have made good friends with somebody online, yet never had the opportunity to meet these people in real life. You may have developed a friendship with someone from playing online poker, business contacts, or even from dating websites.

With dating websites it is very common for people to eventually meet up with some people they met online; however for all the other categories of interests people often never meet their Internet buddies in real life. There are many reasons for this.


Sometimes it is simply that these people live to far away. If you became friends with someone in Australia then you may never get the opportunity to meet your online poke Buddy if you live in Aberdeen, Idaho.



People are often nervous to meet someone that they are friends with online. Meeting someone in person makes it hard because you may feel that you will not be living up to the other persons standards of who you are and then fear that you would even lose the online friendship you did have.

For women the nervousness often comes with meeting a guy in person. You may simply be looking to continue the friendship by meeting the guy in person. You both have said you are not interested in dating and simply be friends, yet you are nervous. What if this person desired to rape and kill you? It probably will not happen but it is much better to be safe. Meet in a public place and take a friend with you.

No Meetups

Many websites have meetups where fanatics and users of the website can meetup with others. Many websites have had meetups including Reddit meetups and Wikipedia meetups. At meetups it can be easy t show-up and meet your online buddies because it is a group setting. If there is no meetups then it can be harder for some people to feel comfortable. It is easier in a group setting as opposed to a one on one setting.

Fake People

You may have created a fake persona for your online business. You may have resented yourself as young woman who loves to blog about high heels and wedges but in reality you are a retired gentleman who simply loves talking about women’s shoes. If you created a fake persona then it can be truly impossible for you to meet people in the real world.