Never Talk To Police

Do Not Talk To Police

Police Are Often More Violent Individuals Than The Rest Of Us

I'm certain most police officers are decent upstanding people.  I know this as I've had more good turns of fortune in dealings with police than bad ones, but I've also been the victim of an assault in which four Kaufman County Sheriff's Deputies assaulted me, and then charged ME with assault.  That's how that always goes down, of course, and as long as I live I'll never forget it.  I like to think I'm not intelligent enough to be afraid of anyone, but when I see a police officer, I know it is a man or woman who could become extremely violent at any moment, murder myself, or someone else, and essentially get a paid vacation for doing so.  The days of service and protection are long gone, as police usually walk around with this look about them as if they're literally wishing for a violent encounter.  Oh I'm speaking in generalizations, of course, but you sure know what I'm talking about too.

Anyone other than the Mother Jones or Addictinginfo "progressives" is wise enough to have assessed the facts, police are eight times more likely to kill you than a "terrorist[1]," and  three times more likely to murder you than a concealed carry weapons person[2]. "Gun Control" is a misnomer, of course, the people pushing for gun control only want the police, who've proven to be more likely to be violent than the rest of us, to have guns.  For that reason,and lots of historical ones, I always regard the pro gun control crowd the least intelligent persons among us, and well, they continually prove themselves as such, just let them talk.

We Don't Need Cops So Much As We Need Our Own Weapons

No Longer Respond

The Police Are Not Here To Either Serve Or Protect You

Police don't serve or protect the public.  That bit of silly official slogan should absolutely be dropped unless they were to change it to To Serve And Protect Corporations, then that would work fine, and we'd all trust the police just a little bit more for the increase in honesty.  Oh I suppose if you are some high ranking person involved in the business affairs of a big corporation and you are discussing with the police something about the loss of your profits due to people smoking marijuana or something, then speaking to the police is simply the right thing for you to do, as you live for profits, and don't care at all about human rights, or ...much of anything save your own self interests.  Jump on it, pal.

The police do not serve or protect the public, and they've no interest in that, aren't paid to do it either.  On June 27, 2005 a Supreme Court judge ruled that the police have no obligation to protect anyone from anything[3]g.  Are you a woman with a violent male after you, and a court order to keep the man away?  So what?  Nobody cares, the police have no obligation to protect you, get a gun, would be my advice; after all, police have military weapons you paid for with your tax dollars.

Police Do Racial And Demographic Profiling As A Rule, Usually, Assuming The WORST About You


If Police Are Asking You About A Crime They Are Going To Profile You, And LIE To You

Doesn't matter who you are, doesn't matter if you are skinny or fat, short or tall, black or white, man or woman; police are going to profile you, and they are going to make you out to be some awful sort of person you are pretty unlikely to be.  Since about 1996 or so I've kept my head shaved in a marine corps kind of style.  I'm a fit white guy, and I started having my head shaved in that way because I was doing HVAC work as an HVAC service technician, and I live in North Texas where it is very hot in Spring and Summer.  Also, due to the job, I'd forever be wearing some heavy steel toe boots.  When I'd get pulled over by police, they'd start talking to me as if I were some sort of radical militia person, or even worse, some sort of skin head racist group person.  Essentially, these were always white police officers, and also males; and the facts were they looked just like me.  I, however, was being profiled as a villain any time I was stopped.  The fact I looked like a cousin of the cop hassling me who just wasn't wearing his uniform was never lost on me.

Of course police profiling of minorities is a huge problem, and no one can deny blacks are locked away for non-violent crimes at an obscene percentage.  Facts of the matter are, however, profiling doesn't stop there, it goes on with every single group.  If police are talking to you about a crime, you are going to be insinuated to be the worst possible thing you could be most often, or in most situations. Police don't mind slandering you, insulting you, and insinuating the worst about you - but they can only do this if you are talking to them.  Don't talk to police, save yourself some misery and let them keep their insults

Police Interrogation Techniques, The Reid Technique, Are About Manipulating Someone Into Confession, They Do NOT Care About Actual Guilt


Don't Talk To Police, They Only Want To Arrest You, They're Never Interested In NOT Arresting You

If Police Are Asking You About A Crime - It's Because They Need An Arrest For The Case

If police suspect you of a crime and have sufficient evidence to arrest you, then that is what they are going to do, arrest you.  If they do not have evidence of you committing a crime, they can't arrest you, but if they're talking to you, and you are talking to them, then you can absolutely know they are trying to find a way to arrest you for that crime.  The only other situation is when you are reporting a crime; but even then you are not truly safe from the arrest for the crime you are reporting.  

Police interrogation is all about manipulation.  Modern police interrogation is based on what is called The Reid Technique[4], and that it is a manipulative technique is beyond question, as the technique calls for psychological manipulation which involves some pretty questionable ethical stratagems.  None of this is remotely secret, you can study The Reid Technique of interrogation online and independently, it's even something somewhat proudly used as an advertisement for the police force.

You can't talk your way out of an arrest, this is simply not a thing which happens.  If police have evidence to arrest you, they will; and in which case, you then especially need not talk to police, you need to talk to a lawyer.  If police are asking you about a crime, then it's likely they need an arrest for that case, and the more you talk the more likely it will become you are the person arrested.  It's extremely easy to tell a "little white lie" in any conversation, and should you tell one to a cop and he or she catch it, then you just implicated yourself as perhaps being the perfect suspect for the crime in question

Let's face it, criminals are often bold and brazen, but not wise.  It takes some gall and some arrogance to be involved in serious crime, and such attitudes often translate into thinking you can outwit the investigating officer.  It's the fool who thinks that, it's not that it is impossible to be smarter than the police officer, it's just foolish to even speak to one about a crime when he or she needs an arrest for the case.  Never talk to police, my friends, the only thing to ever say is, and only after invoking your 5th amendment rights verbally,  "Officer, am I being detained, or am I free to go?"

Don't Talk To Police

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My personal absolute truth is that I've had more fair deals from cops than bad ones.  I've probably met and interacted with more very nice police officers than terrible ones.  I'm sure most people are more good than they are bad; but when someone has so much power over you as a police officer does, then it's something to be wary of.  Police culture seems to be changing, and not for the better of US citizens, rather, the culture of police in the USA seems to be becoming more aggressive, more violent, and less trustworthy.  We've all been witnessing a large increase in police shootings in the USA, and I do mean police shooting unarmed citizens for the most ridiculous reasons imaginable.  Are the police becoming more violent?  I thinks so, and pardon the generalization. Equally terrible and inexcusable are the swaths of stories every week of police shooting someone's dog.

I think of police as a good thing, a necessary thing, but I think it is the responsibility of every community to police their police for accountability's sake.  Finally, if you're guilty of a terrible crime, please do confess to a police officer, it's said to be good for the soul.  Thanks for reading.