Kids and alcohol often seems to go together in a lot of situations. It is not the case that you have done anything wrong in your parenting that your child suddenly starts to turn to alcohol. You may be out working all day and not have much time your child, but your teen will have the best set of values that they will not resort to any sort of peer pressure so you can't say that it is ever your fault.

Parents always seem to be blaming themselves for everything that happens to their kids, but this is certainly not the way to handle the problem.

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Why do Young People Drink?

  • Peer pressure always plays a big part when kids want to be part of a group and fit in with their peers. Some of them will really do whatever it takes and drinking, smoking or driving fast cars to show off are just some of the things that can help them out.peer pressure

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  • Sometimes it will make them feel older. Self-image always plays a big part here and having a drink in their hand will help them get their. Even adults can associate with that. That relaxed feeling will make them feel at ease.
  • Then there are kids who have had that first taste and just get hooked. This is why it is so dangerous. It becomes an addiction from as early as when you are a teenager and this is extremely difficult to deal with.
  • Alcohol is extremely powerful as we all know and it can help blot out many things in our lives. With kids it can help when they are having a tough time at home or school so it goes further than just peer pressure or having a good time at a party.If your kid doesn't usually chew gum and comes home acting abnormal he is using the gum to get rid of the smell and is obviously a bit tipsy.

Alcohol Signs in Kids

We have seen why kids drink alcohol and we can understand this, but it is also our duty to educate them and to be understanding about the situation. The teenager who turns to drinking and carries on drinking regardless of what their parents are telling them, are those who have instructions of , do this, don't do that. Don't drink, end of story.

Standing back and letting the situation get worse may end up to a trip to the morgue after a late night at a party so this is something you have to watch and if you see signs then follow up on them.

  • Your teen may want to stay over at a friend's house
  • There is an older friend in the group who is over 21 years of age and this makes it possible for them to go out and buy alcohol.
  • They may show various mood changes which you are not used to. Depression is also common.
  • School grades are not what they used to be.
  • Their sleeping habits, eating habits and even the clothes that they wear are all signs to look for.

The Dangers of Alcohol

This is really something to serious so don't say, "Oh, well everyone goes through it and it will pass", or "It is just a phase" because this type of thinking is only going to make matters worse.

Teens will feel there is not a problem with drinking. In cases like these they will turn to soft drugs and then if they are thinking of experimenting further the hard drugs will be brought on. An addict will be born. This is where the trouble starts so don't turn a blind eye to this.

A whopping 11.4% of alcohol consumed in the United States is consumed by teenagers and those under aged. By the 12th grade 80% have tried alcohol, whilst 60% have been drunk. It does not seem to be the case of keeping kids away from alcohol anymore because this is looking like an impossible task.

It is simply keeping them from binge drinking and drinking on a daily basis. We can't wrap up kids in cotton wool. If they want to try a beer they will do so, but if they are doing this on a daily basis and it is becoming a need in their lives then it is time to seek professional help.

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