With the advent of the Internet, a lot of opportunities have opened up for people to make money. Companies, organizations and most especially, individuals have used the net to sell services and products.

There are lots of reasons why you need a website whether for your personal use or for your business. One of these reasons is for marketing and promotion. International and local products, as well as services can be marketed through the web. Creating your own website can be a great platform to showcase your hobbies, talents or skills. There is a new way of displaying your photos online, which has become immensely popular and that is photo blogging.

Another reason is information sharing, and if you are a business the idea of giving away free information is the gain loyal followers who then go on to become customers. You can find vast amount of knowledge on the World Wide Web. Some great ways of sharing information are podcasts, YouTube videos, articles, blogs and eBooks. It is even possible to turn this your knowledge into cash by selling digital products. When you have your own site, your visitors can conveniently get the information they seek by using your online subscriptions and downloadable files.

Creating your own website will enable you to interact with people who have similar views and beliefs as you. Adding a blog or a forum to your site is a good way to encourage 2-way communication with your audience.

If your website is for business purposes, you can give your customers online support. This service has become affordable that even small companies can offer this feature. It is increasingly becoming popular to see a "Chat Now" section on a website so customers can get immediate assistance. Alternatively you could put on your website a forum or a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. Other features that you can offer are feedback or comment box, or you could allow your customers to give product reviews.

Even if your site is mainly for personal use and does not sell anything, it is still possible to make money from the site, by using Google AdSense or other affiliate programs to display adverts. You make money when any of your visitors click these ads, or when they go on to buy after clicking on the link on your site.

Developing a website can be quite expensive, though not as much as it used to be. There are affordable expert WordPress services available, where WordPress Experts can create the site for you. Affordable quality WordPress websites can be built to meet your requirements.