Mexico is home o many of the most beautiful beaches in the planet and one of those amazing places is Zipolite. This beach town is in the state of Oaxaca in the Pacific Coast and it is one of those places hat is still not as visited as others in the country. The reason for the lack of visitors is not that it is not a great destination, but rather because it is not the easiest place to get to. Even if you were to land in Puerto Escondido or Huatulco which are relatively close it is still an adventure to get there.

Good Place To Go “Au Naturel”

Zipolite is known for being the only nudist beach in the area and one of the very few places in the country where people will not look twice if you decide to go in the water in your birthday suit. To be clear, it is not necessary that you enjoy the beach in the nude, but it is an option. The town is very laid back so even those who thought they would never dare to try a nudist beach may be comfortable enough to try it. You only live once, so why not take a chance, right?

Not A Resort Town

Though Zipolite is a tourist destination, it will never be confused with the big resort towns in the country. You will not find big hotels in the area (though you can find some really nice hotel rooms right on the beach), and that is mostly a good thing. You are very likely to have a great spot at the beach almost any time of the year with the exception of the December Holiday season and Easter. In most cases you can arrive at the hotels without a reservation and get a room right away.

The Price

One of the best things about Zipolite is that it is the perfect vacation for any budget. You can find anything from camping spots for less than 10 dollars a night to very nice hotel rooms for less than 50 dollars a night. The prices for rooms are not the only thing that will make this a very affordable trip. Food prices are just as low as you could pay less than 5 dollars for a full meal including drink and dessert; if you are looking to save even more money, then you can have gorditas, or quesadillas which you can eat for around a dollar.

The Food

The food that you will find in Zipolite is traditional Oaxaca cuisine. This is the area of the country known for some of the best regional Mexican food that you can find. Oaxaca cheese is in a lot of the food here including tlayudas and quesadillas and you will be glad it is as it is a very delicious melted cheese. Sea food is as good as it gets in the country and having it fresh out of the ocean makes for a perfect meal. Add the tortillas and Mexican rice and you will never think of Mexican restaurants in the US as real Mexican food ever again.

Very Laid Back

Zipolite is a very small town; in fact it has only one main street. There are no ATM’s in town so you need to bring the money with you. Unlike in cities like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen you will not be able to use dollars here so make sure that you have pesos before arriving. Your best bet to withdraw money or get your currency exchanged is in Huatulco and Puerto Escondido. Yes, this Mexican beach town is small, and you will not have all the conveniences that you will get in other places, but that is part of its charm.


Surfing is very popular in this region and Zipolite is not the exception. There are some great waves in here, but beware that they are mostly for people with at least moderate surfing experience. The currents are a bit strong so it is not the best beach for swimming, but there are lifeguards on duty for most of the time. Those who love surfing will find that they have arrived at one of the best spots in the Pacific Coast. It is possible to rent surf boards right at the beach and take classes if you need them. If you do not have surfing experience then you could head to Mazunte which is about 15 minutes away by public transportation.

If the waves in Zipolite are not big enough for you then Playa Zicatela in Puerto Escondido is about an hour away. Zicatela is one of the best beaches for surfing not only in Mexico but the world. Every November the town holds the Zicatela International Surf Competition which includes live music, contests and some of the best waves you will find. 

How To Get There   

Getting to Zipolite is the tricky part. If you want to travel by air there are two airports in the area and they are in Puerto Escondido and in Huatulco. It is also possible to get to the airport in Oaxaca, but that makes the trip a bit trickier. From Huatulco or Puerto Escondido it takes about an hour, but you will have to make a transfer from the main bus line (ask the driver to leave you on the road to Zipolite, they make that stop and announce it). Then you will need to take a truck to the beach which stops right at the corner, and costs 7 pesos at the time of publishing.

Once you take the truck you are on the way to the beach. Ask the driver to leave you at Zipolite beach, though it is the last stop for most of the trucks. The walk to the beach takes a couple of minutes, and when you get there you will realize that the trip was well worth it. A trip to this Mexican beach town is for the adventurous souls, but once you get there you will not want to leave.