What is Infertility?

You are not alone!

It is a condition wherein a couple wishing to have a child cannot bear children. It is also a term for pregnancies resulting in recurrent miscarriages or abortion.
Infertility is more common than you think; it is estimated that at least 1 per every 5 couples have difficulty bearing children. There are many causes of infertility, which may lie on the husband, wife or both.


What causes infertility in men?

What causes infertility in men? Men can experience reduction in ability to father a child if he has problems that affects his sperm’s quality and quantity. It is important to understand this if you want to get pregnant naturally.

For good chances of pregnancy to occur, the sperm cells must be sufficient in quantity and quality. Quantity is important because a lot of sperm cells (which thrive in alkaline) do not survive in the acidic environment of women’s vagina. Quality is equally important as well because the egg cell cannot be fertilized by malformed sperms. So huge quantity of sperm with good qualities must be able to sustain casualties and still be able to fertilize an egg cell for pregnancy to occur.

Here are some factors that cause infertility in men:
    •    Prolonged and heavy use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal substances like marijuana, cocaine and narcotics
    •    Hormonal imbalances due to disease (like diabetes) and use of steroids
    •    Exposure to environmental pollutants like lead, dioxins and PCB’s
    •    Staying in hot environments (sperm production is optimum when temperature is slightly less than body temperature)
    •    Having history or currently having infections like orchitis and sexually-transmitted infections such as gonorrhea and syphilis
    •    Injury or scarring in the testicular area due to traumatic accidents and surgery
    •    Vasectomy and failure of vasectomy reversal
    •    Age – a man’s ability to father children diminishes greatly at age 50 and above

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Signs of infertility

A couple who cannot conceive a child after 1 to 2 years of having unprotected sex maybe diagnosed as infertile after examination by a doctor. For a couple wishing to have children, being infertile is very distressing and could result to emotional and sexual problems that could lead to marriage problems.

Treatment and prognosis of infertility

Still, as many as 1 per 5 infertile couples still get pregnant without treatment. And more than half become pregnant after having treatment, not including those who underwent in-vitro fertilization.

Here are some tips to getting pregnant. However, health is the main factor for success; the couple must keep their health to optimum to allow normal menstrual cycle in women and good sperm production in men.
It is recommended to include more fresh vegetables and fruits in diet, while removing excess body weight and manage stress. Too much body fat and poor stress management can impede ovulation in women and reduce sperm production in men.