There are so many reasons for teenage insomnia. Here are some examples:

1. Peer pressure and fights are a common reason for teenage insomnia. If they have certain misunderstanding with friends, they can think warily and may want to skip school just to avoid confrontations. These thoughts are one of the main contributors to why teens often have difficulty in sleeping.

2. Falling in and out of a love or relationships can be such a big issue with teens that it could interrupt their sleeping patterns for weeks. This is a common problem that adults face as well. So, a teenager who lacks experience in love and relationships may be troubled even more so.

3. Meeting the expectations of parents, such as getting good grades. There will be times when a teenager struggles with a subject matter and can't get through it.

4. Loss of a loved one can be a very traumatic experience and this too can contribute so much to their restless nights.

5. Teenagers may have ideas or perhaps reactions to what is going on around the household. They may want to express their feelings, but are kept from doing so from external forces. This can make them feel they are less of a person so they do not deserve to be heard.

Remember, teenage insomnia is a very serious issue. Most people actually think that teens are so sensitive about everything that is why they always end up frustrated over simple things and sleepless at night. If you are an adult thinking like this, maybe its time that you open your ask yourself "Why am I thinking like this? Am I already this witty and well educated when I was a kid?" If you think hard enough, you'll see that you also went on a stage where all small problems seemed to big to handle!

Of course you may eventually forget how weak against problems you used to be when you were still a teen because you have worked so hard all these years so now you've become very successful. Even so look back and remember the "simple things" that caused you to worry so much. That's the only thing you can do so you can convince you're teen that you understand how he or she feels, and that's the only way that can convince your teen that he can trust and open up to you. When they finally open up, make them feel easy by comforting them – that will help a lot to cure their insomnia.