Mesothelioma is one of those health concerns which are consuming billions of dollars every year but still seems to be uncontrolled. What could be the reason behind its growing spread; insufficient fund allocation or non-professional attempts to combat this silent killer living inside human body? The answer is that there is no such problem exists rather there are present some important factors due to which billions of dollar and tremendous efforts both are going in vain and those factors are discussed here briefly.

1- Mesothelioma Patient Shows Symptoms Very Late

One of the main hurdles in tracing the presence of this deadly disease is that its patient shows symptoms very late when doctors cannot undo the damage done by proliferation of cancerous cells. In 95% cases of mesothelioma the patient is diagnosed at the stage where it becomes almost impossible for doctors to get him back to healthy life track. Therefore they do whatever they can do to prolong his life rather than focusing on eliminating it altogether.

2- Short Term Asbestos Exposure is enough to Cause this Cancer

Secondly it can be caused by short term exposure to asbestos fibers which means that working for two to three months in such environment where asbestos is being used in product manufacturing is considered enough to create the victims of this dangerous cancer type.

3- Mesothelioma can also be spread through Mesothelioma Patients

Thirdly mesothelioma can also be spread through other mesothelioma patients. If someone lives with such patient and inhales the asbestos fibers coming out of him he can also become victimized by mesothelioma easily.

In this way it's not only hard to diagnose mesothelioma timely but also hard to stop its spread among those who have not been taken by this deadly aliment till now. So what could be done in such tight corner is to use palliative treatment options in order to improve the quality of patient's life and to reduce the pain caused by its symptoms. However in some fortunate cases it is also possible to remove the affected mesothelial part through surgery to eliminate the existence of this silent killer from patient's body forever.