GMO stands for genetically modified organisms.  These types of food are very harmful for anyone.  There are many reasons to avoid GMO food so you can live healthier.

When you eat genetically modified organisms you are not helping the pollution or the environment at all.  There are so many pesticides that are used on GMO foods that put so many bad chemicals into our environment we live in.  This effects the way we live  each day.

Monsanto, who is in charge of the GMO crops is more concerned about profit than keeping the consumers healthy and safe.  He makes his seeds so that they are not usable.  This means that every year when you want to grow new crops, you will need to buy brand new seeds.  Many of the organic seeds will sprout new seeds at the end of their season to be planted and used for the next season.

Research has been done on lab rats by injecting them with these GMO products.  They have shown harmful side effects which include; liver and kidney damage, heart failure and problems with their immunity.  Many of the lab rats who were fed GMO food had their brain size significantly reduced.

It is safe to say that there are many types of insects out there that do good for our community.  Spiders are one of them as they eat harmful mosquitos and other insects that could be a minor threat to humans.  GMO food negatively effects the good insects as well.  When they feed on these crops they are contaminated and quickly die off.

If you go to your local organic farmers market you will probably notice that most of the vegetables and fruit are much bigger than what you may see in a large and highly populated supermarket.  The reason for this is because the organic vegetables and fruit were grown the natural way.  The vegetables and fruit were never meant to be that big.  They are injected with so many harmful pesticides that they grow to an unnatural size.

Because there is so much genetically modified food on the market today, it is incredibly hard to avoid it all.  However, you can be careful what you do consume by avoiding some of the worst GMO food for your body.  Corn on the cob, sugar, aspartame, soy, canola, dairy and zucchini are some of the worst things that you will consume if you are eating GMO type food.   

While the FDA should completely eliminate food, they have said that they haven’t shown any evidence where GMO food is harmful. However, there have been numerous studies that have proven GMO food to be extremely harmful for both children and adults who eat it.  It is quite funny that the FDA has not found evidence that they are safe to eat either.  Keep your family safe by sticking with local organically grown food.  It is also a smart idea to inform your friends about the dangers of GMO food and how to shop for the right food for their health.

Choose farmers marketsCredit: Morgue File