I have tried online dating a few times over the years and I have enough experience to know what many of the advantages and disadvantages are of it. This article will focus on its disadvantages and why you might want to avoid it. Refer to my article Reasons to Try Online Dating for some of its advantages.

One of the disadvantages is you may end up spending time talking to someone who does not wish to meet anyone online but rather is looking just for friendly chat. If you are serious about meeting someone, this can be annoying. However, it's not really all that different from meeting someone face-to-face who doesn't have a desire for a relationship.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you may end up talking with too many people who want to meet at once. It's very easy to talk to a lot of people and juggle a lot of conversations online. Problems can occur when you get too lucky and end up having a good connection with several people at once. While going out on a few first dates can be fun and makes you feel like you have an active social life, it can also be tiring and also dreadful if you decide to exclusively see one person and have to tell the bad news to everyone else.

There's a delicate balance you have to try and maintain. Talk to too few people, and it may take forever before you meet someone of interest online. Talk to too many and you'll soon be juggling many great people. If you can't find that balance your online dating experience may not be very good.

One of the greatest disadvantages of online dating which leads to disappointment is that once you meet someone they aren't who they seem. You might not be physically attracted to them as for some reason they sent you fake, old or Photoshopped pictures or you might not have the chemistry in person as you did online. Even if they present themselves exactly as how they are face-to-face as they do online, it might be your imagination and your version of what you thought they were that they can't live up to. On the flip side, even if you present yourself as honest as possible, the person you meet might have unrealistic expectations of who you are, which can lead to your feelings being hurt. If you aren't truthful in your online representation of yourself, then just expect disappointment once you meet someone in person, which would be well-deserved.

Try to avoid anything long distance. If you are taking a plane to meet someone and disappointment or lack of chemistry sets in as described in the previous paragraph, then you just spent a lot of time and money on a flight that turned into a big waste of time and a letdown. It could even end up worse than mere disappointment if you end up going to an unknown city or made prior arrangements to stay with this person before ever meeting them. If they turn out to be creeps or there is no rapport between you two, then you are put in a very compromised position. Even if things do work out, the end result is a long-distance relationship which requires a lot of effort on both parties and possible uprooting of one or both people. In this case it may have just been easier to go to the local bar and meet someone who is a 15 minute drive away!