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Many people who are looking to going on a vacation see travel agents because they feel that they can get the best price and the best deal on anything having to do with traveling.  This is actually a misconception.  There are many reasons why you should do your own research and book vacations by yourself instead of with a travel agent.

When these agents book a hotel, a plane ticket or a cruise for you, they are earning commission off of that sale.  Does your agent seem to be pushing the more expensive resort?  Sure there are more benefits to a fancy resort with all the amenities, but is it something that you really need?  When you book a hotel for yourself you can do the research to discover where you can find the best hotel for the best price possible.

Travel agents also cannot see all the options that you can.  There are only specific companies that they go through.  There may be a great deal out there for you that they are unable to show or bring up.  This is another reasons to book a vacation yourself instead of with a travel agent. 

When you book through an agent, they do their best to push you to buy travel insurance.  Travel insurance covers lost luggage, injuries or any accidents that may happen when you are on vacation.  When they sell you travel insurance they are making major commission off of the package they sell.  This type of insurance really isn’t necessary, especially when your health insurance will cover most of the things that travel insurance covers. 

Travel agents are usually known to get the best deals.  While sometimes they may be able to find a better deal than you can, usually you can get a better discount simply by searching around.  Most hotels take AAA, military or student discounts to get a bigger discount off of your room.  It is a good option to call the hotel directly to find out what discounts they offer. 

Another reason why you should book a vacation yourself instead of with a travel agent is because they have an agenda that they have to follow.  As you say no to what their plans are, they slowly work their way down the list until you agree on their vacation plans for you.  This shouldn’t be how you spend your vacation.

If you have a lot of money and not a lot of time, then booking your vacation through types of travel agents may be appropriate for you.  However, if you don’t mind doing some digging to find a better deal, travel agents should be avoided.  All in all, booking your own vacation is usually more comfortable for you.  You know what is going on and have your own plans.  This way, if something does go wrong, you are the only person to blame for it.  Vacations are supposed to be fun.  Complaining about how the agent you booked with ruined your plans shouldn’t be the way that you spend your free time.

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