Most people simply buy a complete bicycle that is ready to roll; however, more and more people each year are beginning to build their own bicycles. Here are some top reasons why you should consider building your own bicycle.

1. Parts Selection

By building your own bicycle from scratch you can add the parts and components that you want. If you want a 1x10 drivetrain instead of a 27 speed then you can do it. By building your own bicycle you can get exactly what you want and not some component kit assembled by the bicycle manufacturer.

2. Learn Bicycle Mechanics

Bicycle MechanicCredit: Flickr/DrStarbuck

By building your own bicycle you will learn to maintain and fix bicycles. By being able to build and maintain your own bikes properly, you can be less reliant on your local bicycle shop for basic maintenance. This allows you to save up more money for your next bike!

You do not need to know how to work on bikes. The process of building your own bicycle is a time to learn. You can use books and YouTube videos to learn how to assemble and install any aspect of the bicycle. I do however recommend that when you get your bicycle built you then take it into your local bicycle mechanic shop and have them go over it to make sure everything is properly greased, oiled, tightened, secured, and nothing is installed wrong.

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3. Sense of Accomplishment

Building your own bicycle can be extremely rewarding. A great sense of accomplishment is felt not only when you finish building the bike, but also every single time you take the bike out for a ride.

4. Unique

You can make your bicycle unique. Instead of having a popular bicycle from say Trek of Specialized out on the trail riding with others who have the same exact bicycle, you can instead have a unique one of a kind bicycle that will not be found anywhere else. Anybody can walk in and buy a new bicycle from a bike shop but it takes a real cycling enthusiast to build their own.

5. It can be Cheaper

Many times it is cheaper to simply buy a new bike with all the components, but if you are willing to be patient and wait for deals then you can order parts when they come on sale and then when you get all the parts you need assemble your bicycle.

6. Go Green

Why throw out an old frame? If you have an old frame lying around or someone else does then instead of throwing it out you can strip it down and rebuild it with new parts. A bike frame between your legs is always much better than a bike frame and the garbage dump.