The top reasons why you should own a stick vacuum

Stick vacuum cleaners  are powerful, lightweight vacuums that are great alternatives to big, bulky full-sized vacuum cleaners. They come in handy for a number of house hold cleaning tasks. If you don't have one, there are many reasons why you might want to consider getting one.

  • Inexpensive. For just around $20 you can get your hands on one of the most popular stic vacs, the Dirt Devil Versa Power All-In-One Stick Vacuum Cleaner which is a bagless vac that converts to a hand vacuum.
  • Easy to find. Stick vacuums are sold where ever regular vacuum cleaners are sold. Check local chain stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Kohls. Or anywhere that small household appliances are sold.
  • Ultra portable. You can easy move from room to room without missing a beat. Instead of lugging your full-sized vacuum cleaner up and down stairs use one of these ultra lightweight floor cleaners to do the job.
  • They're easy to store. Unlike a full-sized vacuum most stick vac models fold up and can easily be stored in a small closet.
  • rechargeable. Some stick vacs like the Hoover LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum comes with a rechargeable battery that can be used instead of cords, this prevents you from being tethered to one spot while vacuuming.
  • Very versatile. Some models convert to a handheld vacuum so you can take care of those hard to reach places, like stair steps or crevices inside of your couch. You can  even use it to vacuum the upholstery in your car.
  • Steam option available. Chances are you have tile flooring in at least two rooms in your house (kitchen and bath,) the steam option, which is available on some models like the Shark SV800 Cordless Upright  is great for tiles and hardwood floors as well as carpet.
  • Light but powerful. Many stick vacuums have enough suction power to pick up small candies or nails. This is a great feature, especially if you have little ones that are prone to make small messes.
  • Get rid of your broom. While you might not want to fully replace your regular vacuum cleaner, with a stick vac you just might be able to git rid of your old fashioned broom and dustpan. Stick vas are definitely the more sanitary choice!
  • You can choose between bagged or bagless. If you hate buying or changing vacuum cleaner bags then a bagless stick vacuum is probably best for you; but if you are more interested in sanitation then perhaps you would prefer a bagged stick vacuum. The plus side is that you can find similar models of each for relatively similar prices.

Stick vacuums are a cleaning tool that every household should have. Whether you live in a small apartment or large house  stick vacs are one of the handiest, most versatile objects to have in your cleaning arsenal. From hardwood floors and tiles to the densest carpet, the powerful suction of a stic vac is sure to get both big and small jobs done.