Martial arts for kids can help teach children to be able to protect themselves, increase their self esteem and provide them an activity that really makes them a part of something. We raise our children and teach them that violence is not the solution and this is a lesson that can still be maintained even with martial arts.  Little do many realize that martial arts is not just about fighting or violence or that it actually teaches far greater lessons that have little to do with physical strength. In order to master a skill that comes with a sport such as this - physical strength is at the bottom of the list as far as importance and what tops the list is mental strength, focus and dedication - all lessons that can reward a kid greatly over the course of a lifetime and make martial arts for kids a great thing to consider.

Two girls practicing Karate on the beach

Sense of Belonging: 

Though there are many reasons to consider martial arts for kids one of the most common is the same reason many parents sign their children up for camp, sports, dancing or other activities. Martial arts for kids is a way for them to really be a part of a group andcan create a place that they can go where they really belong. Though the fact that this is also an outside the home activity is rarely lost on parents. Classes, though they can be private, are often group classes that consist of people in a wide range of ages from toddler to adult. This can be a great learning and socializing experience for kids of all ages and personalities. 


Emotional and Physical Fitness: 

Martial arts for kids and adults alike requires actual physical activity which is an important part to any persons health. This type of instruction can be great for teenagers and preteens that struggle with their weight or even those who need a healthy outlet to maintain weight, physical activity or physical health. Martial arts can even be a great resource for kids who suffer or have issues with self confidence or are in need of a means to teach them control. The instruction and learning that is taught in this type of sport teaches kids that they can be in control and can show them how to capture and master that control through focus and knowledge.



Another and for some one of the most important benefits of martial arts for kids is the ability to help kids to protect themselves. This protection may be from a bigger kid at school or more unforeseen dangers such as attempted abductions or assault by strangers. Though there are no guarantees as situations and circumstances vary greatly and are often unique - martial arts can provide an extra level of know how and teach kids moves that help balance out situations when strength levels are not equal. 


Most Popular Forms of Martial Arts for Kids: 


Tae Kwon Do





Martial Arts Created for Defense:

There are many forms of martial arts that were created specifically to give people a way to protect themselves.  Well in all honesty that is what most if not all forms were created to teach. However, some of the most popular forms seen as the most non-violent are: Judo, jiu-jitsu and Aikido. Though this may vary based on individual instructors.


Average Cost of Martial Arts for Kids

Cost may vary based on any number of reasons including: age, location, length, type of membership or whether you go through an outside personal instructor or class setting. The average costs however for martial arts for kids are:

For Instruction:

Children 12 and under: $30 to $50 a month

Children Ages 13 to Adult: $50 to $100 a month

(Note- some locations may charge fees as high as $150 a month so be sure to shop around and read through all fees before signing any contract that may also be required at some locations)


For Gear (martial arts shoes, uniforms, belts ...)

Again the average cost will vary based on a number of factors which may include: brand, purchase location, discounts as well as whether or not the uniforms and martial arts gear purchased are new or pre-used. Averages run:

Martial arts shoes, gear and uniforms can vary based on the form of martial arts that has been chosen but average costs are as follows; uniforms: $20 and $100,  martial arts shoes:  $30 and $75. These fees may include other protective gear outside of the uniform.

To save money be sure to shop around - sometimes you can find used uniforms that are in good condition that will suffice. Most establishments do not typically require gear to be purchased through their company or through a particular location which will give you some leeway to find the best deals.