People drive to get to work, run errands, or to just clear their heads. Whatever their reason may be, all drivers are vulnerable to car accidents that will cause tremendous pain and suffering as well as liabilities caused by their negligence.

A car accident attorney in Los Angeles will help their client get compensated by a negligent driver and advise his client of what to say when making claims from their insurance providers. However, there are means to avoid accidents that would not necessitate the services of a lawyer and avoid injuries that may include:

  • Head injuries – These often result from the airbag's defect or the occupant's failure to wear seat belts and restraints. Serious head injuries would also mean brain injuries that may have lasting effects and could leave the victim brain-damaged.
  • Broken limbs or ribs – The impact from the collision would prompt the occupant to hit his chest and his limbs onto the dashboard, the steering wheel, or any hard surface inside the vehicle. These broken bones will need rehabilitation that can cause hassles and delays. In case of badly broken limbs, the surgeon may need to amputate the legs or the arms of the victim in order to save his life.
  • Facial lacerations – Pieces of broken glasses from windows and windshields can cause facial lacerations that may leave permanent marks and scars that will forever remind the victim of the tragic accident.
  • Blindness – The same pieces of shattered glass that causes lacerations can easily get into the occupant's eyes and damage his retina which can cause permanent eye damages or even blindness.
  • Spinal cord injuries – Accidents involving big vehicles and speeding usually result to serious accidents that involve spinal cord injuries especially in cases where the victim is ejected from the vehicle. In cases like this, it is important not to move the victim's body until trained rescuers arrive as it can worsen the spinal cord injury that can result to paralysis.

These are just some of the injuries that will have great impact on one's life. It can alter one's means of earning income especially those whose limbs were amputated because of the accidents. These victims would recover hedonic damages aside from his other economic and non-economic losses if his Los Angeles personal injury attorney can prove that his life activities were substantially limited because of the injury.

If you are driving negligently, you may just shoulder all the expenses and damages caused by a car accident. So, it would be best to provide due diligence to other motorists when driving.