It has been a political football for almost a hundred years, the hemp plant has been criticized and criminalized to the point that the truth about this plant has been totally destroyed. Now finally after many debates the pendulum is swinging back in the favor of hemp. As two states already have made it legal to grow and sell marijuana, it seems like there will be a whole lot more to follow. The reasons to legalize it have been long stated but bear repeating in this article.

It is perceived in the media and by opponents of the plant that if it were made legal there would be a rush of people clamoring to use it. Then people would spend their days sitting around, smoking marijuana and doing nothing.  This fear is not justified because right now there are people who make the choice to drink large portions of alcohol and sit around and are not very productive each day. It isn’t the availability of the drug that causes this behavior but the choices of people. If they are going to be useless in their lives, then they will be useless whether marijuana is legal or not. It has been proven time and time again that a government can’t legislate morals.  We live in a free country where it is legal to do nothing if that is what a person wants to accomplish in life.

Financially there is going to be a double positive effect on the economy. First there will be money saved because there will no longer have to be arrests for possession of marijuana or for growing this productive plant. The second part of the benefit is going to result from the government being able to tax the drug and create more revenue for education or other government programs. Law enforcement can be freed up to pursue more serious crimes and the money earned can pay for the treatment for those who are addicted to drugs.

Finally the hemp plant can be used to produce everything from new medicines to the fabric for clothes it has been documented that there are many benefits that the plant can give to mankind besides a method to get high. There are even some who believe that hemp might at some point provide a cure for cancer.  Whatever the future applications turn out to be, it is a fact that the uses of marijuana in treatment of patients for a number of illnesses is beneficial and that should be enough to take the criminal taint off of the plant and legalize it for the future.