Anytime there's a TV show based on hisory and made with through in-depth research, like HBO's Boardwalk Empire I know I'm bound to like it. Just in the same way that I love AMC's Mad Men which is a huge success do to its impeccable recreation of our past, and a set of lovable but problem-ridden characters. Throw in classic 1920's dresses, a happening Atlantic City and the best role for Steve Bushemi ever – and I'll be dedicated to the all Boardwalk seasons.

Here's some of my reasons why I love HBO's Boardwalk Empire.

It's a fascinating history. There's a lot to cover in the life of Knucky Thomspon, the corrupted leader of Atlantic City. Who he worked with, how he ran the city, what his social life was like and just how far his influence extended - even up into the presidential election!

Set Design. Even if people don't like the true story about the times of a massive bootlegging conspiracy and the king of of Atlantic City who ran it, one could easily watch the show and be fascinated by the details of the set design. The reproduction is seemless in all its details making viewers an audience to a time before cheap oil, fast cars and favorite television shows.

Costumes. The characters costumes are exquisite and makes a point of just how much fashion has changed over the years. Emblished hats, gloves, veils the traditional flapper garb abounds in each episode. All the men look dapper and the stylish women even if their clothing does look a bit funny.

Atlantic City is actually happening. The show Boardwalk Empire makes Atlantic City come alive again. For those of you who have been to the Atlantic City's present day boardwalk you'll know that it is barren compared to it's history. There are a customers attracted to it's casinos but it is still hard to imagine that it was an iconic place of it's time. That title goes to Las Vegas instead.

And lastly…

Steve Buscemi. Buscemi's role as a powerful yet kind-hearted Knucky Thompson is going to be a lifetime achievment for him. He plays it perfectly, embodying the person who ruled Atlantic City at its heights. Buscemi still looks a little funny with his odd features, but as the leading man Buscemi is more than "Crazy Eyes," he is a brilliant actor who commands the role of the most influential and admired man of his time.

These are my top reasons for loving Boardwalk Empire. With hope it the next season will be continued and audiences can follow the lives and times of the people who influenced our history. Although not quite as good as time travel, watching an intimate, exciting history come to life on your TV is second best.