The internet is making it possible for many more people to launch successful startup businesses in areas that would not be possible locally. Whether your startup is a for-profit business, a non-profit charity or another type of organization entirely, the same methods of promotion generally apply when it comes to online marketing. Marketing online is substantially different from marketing in-house or within the community, making it important that you target your potential audience in the most effective ways accessible to you.

Ways to Market Yourself Online

There are a number of popular ways to promote startups, some of which are more accessible than others are. In addition to differences in accessibility, there are differences in effectiveness, as well. These will depend on your business and your target audience, as well as the message that you intend to send. Advertising in the form of banner ads, pop-up ads or other integrated advertising messages is widely accessible and costs little, but may turn off viewers who automatically show disinterest in a forced ad viewing. Additionally, plenty of web browsers include anti-ad software, which can completely negate the existence of your ad to thousands or even millions of potential viewers.

A viable alternative to generic advertising is the creation of a dynamic promotional video. Most audience members are visual and respond easily to visual cues, which may make it tempting to turn back to banner ads. The difference between a banner ad and a quality video is the level of information available to the viewer. While a banner ad has only the space for a block of text and a graphical image, with the hopes that the viewer will click, a video has three to five minutes to include genuine speaking, captivating imagery and a clear message for the viewer.

Choosing the Right Web Video Marketing Package

High quality video promotion is not as difficult to find as it was in previous years, with plenty of companies offering cost-effective video production. Thousands of marketers, both independent and company-based, will make it possible for you to reach your potential audience without having to rely on your own marketing skills—as most entrepreneurs are not experienced in marketing, particularly within social media. The right combination of quality video media and experienced view-based marketing will ensure that your promotion reaches its full potential.

What Video Provides that Other Media Doesn’t

In addition to being more viewer-friendly, there are many more placement possibilities with video compared to traditional marketing aids. An ideal video marketing service should be able to place your video in relevant mobile apps, making it possible for users to stumble upon the content while browsing from their phone or tablet. YouTube placement is a unique option for distributing quality videos, with the possibility of reaching top-viewed, sponsored or featured status, any of which can easily help turn your video viral. Finally, a combination of social media placement will help ensure that viewers who are impacted by the video will be able to share that impact with their immediate social circle via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.