Shopping With Your Reusable Bags

Now that everyone is more concerned with the environment, it has become trendier to use a reusable shopping bag or tote bag when going shopping.  Yes, there are some people that complain it is a nuisance.  I've heard everything from, "It is difficult to remember to take them," to "I don't like shopping while carrying them around."  If you ask me, all of that is just silliness.  Reusable bags are a great idea and we need to use them more.

Even if you are not concerned about the environment or maybe you like the plastic bags at the store, there are numerous reasons why you should still consider purchasing a few reusable shopping bags.

Shopping Bags

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Reason 1: They Hold Everything!

One of the most amazing things about the reusable bags on the market now is their capacity to hold just about anything.  Most of these bags are very sturdy and hold about 3 times the amount a plastic bag can hold.  So if you are buying a cart load of food, imagine how great it will be to use 3 reusable bags instead of 10 annoying small bags?  This is an especially good idea if you are a walker.  Using only 3 bags is so much more convenient when walking back with a bunch of plastic grocery bags.

Reason 2: Over the Shoulder is Easier than Carrying Bags

If you plan on going from store to store carrying your items, it is way better to have some reusable bags with you.  Most reusable bags have a shoulder strap.  When you can carry all of your purchases in one or two bags, and both bags are slung over your shoulder, it makes everything much easier.   If you are using a cart, you have freed up both hands by using a tote bag.

Reason 3: Save Money

Many reusable shopping bags are very affordable.  You can often buy a bag at most grocery stores and discount stores for just $1 - $3.  Many stores are now charging you if you do not bring your own bags.  At some grocery stores, they charge 5 - 10 cents per plastic bag.  That can really add up, so you are much better off with reusable bags.

Furthermore, some stores reward you with a discount when you use recycled or reusable bags.  Target, Walmart, and most grocery stores actually deduct anywhere from a few cents to 10 cents per bag just for using your own tote bags.  In the long run, it saves them money on buying plastic bags, so they pass the savings on to you.

Reason 4: Be Trendy!

Hey everyone else is doing it, so shouldn't you?  Let's face it, you see reusable bags all over the place.  It is the cool thing to do. "Going green" is a great way to go and people will think you are "cool" for doing it.  Also, many stores carry really colorful, adorable bags now.  Who wouldn't want to contribute to a wildlife fund while buying a bag with a cute panda on it?  You can express yourself with a great reusable bag.

Reason 5: It's the Right Thing to Do

In the long run, buying a reusable shopping bag helps save our environment and helps save money for everyone.  It is really a nice thing to do and it is the right thing to do.  It is normal to forget to take your recycled bag a time or two when you go shopping, but make a habit of leaving it by your door or keeping it in your car so you won't forget it the next time you go shopping.  Also, if you forget to bring your bags, it never hurts to buy one at the store while grocery shopping and then you can bag the items using your new bag right there.  So please consider purchasing recycled or reusable shopping bags.  It is helping all of us.