I quit my day job five years ago because it was at variance with my purpose in life. Few years later, I’ve got no regrets but I realise it’s not the same for most people who quit. It’s either they regret or don’t get a good job after quitting. To avoid this, I’ve decided to write about the good reasons for leaving your job.

So, off we go:

Reason No 1: When the Company is Going Under

So many times you work in a company that is doing well financially and suddenly, the tide turns against the company and all efforts to get it back to its’ feet prove abortive. And when you hear of possible closure, bankruptcy and failure; you can go ahead to quit because you have no future in a failed company.

Reason No 2: You Have a Frosty Relationship with Your Boss

When your relationship with your boss is damaged beyond repair, you can consider leaving your job; to avoid being unhappy at work. Before you consider quitting, you can try to fix the relationship but if all your efforts do not pay off; it’s time to walk away.

Reason No 3: You’re Grossly Unchallenged

When you work at a job for some years and you realize the job has become a routine with no challenges, it’s time to move on. I believe there should be some form of challenge in any work you’re doing so you won’t become too comfortable and remain on the same spot. Having some form of challenge on a job enables you to break free from your comfort zone and enables you move to newer levels of accomplishment.

If such as absent, it’s time to move to a more challenging job, which gives you more responsibilities and new opportunities.

Reason No 4: You’ve Experienced a Major Life Change

If you used to be single and just got married and started having kids, you might be due for a change of job (as you’d need a job with flexible hours to enable you have time for your family). You may also need a job with a bigger paycheck as you now have more mouths to feed.

Reason No 5: You Got Yourself Involved in Office Romance

I was wary of this while I was employed but, if you’ve fallen into the office romance trap and somehow, the relationship didn’t work out, it might be time to move to a new workplace and start on a clean slate. Especially in cases where seeing the person (you dated) daily causes you such distraction that you can't complete your work - or the situation gets so bad that you're worried about your reputation.

Reason No 6: You’re Experiencing Burnout

If your job is giving you a high stress level (that is affecting your physical or mental health and your relationships with your friends and family), it’s time to quit. In reality, some jobs can look glamorous on the outside but no so great in terms of schedule (for instance, late night or overnight work, constant travel) or culture (for instance, heavy partying) that can affect your mental or physical health. If you’re in a situation where you’re experiencing burn out and dread going to work, it’s time for a change of job.

Reason No 7: You Have a Better and More Rewarding Opportunity

This is one of the best reasons to quit a job. Such an opportunity may be to change your career, start your own business or even live abroad. Even though it comes with risks, new opportunities can be exciting, rewarding, and hopefully, bring a bigger and better pay. But in instances where it involves a pay cut, you must find a way to pay your bills!

Reason No 8: You Aren’t Valued or Grossly Underpaid

If you’re in a situation where you have put in many years in a company and not adequately rewarded, you’re due for a job change. The reward could range from getting a promotion when you’re due for one and being adequately rewarded with a good pay. If your employer is not treating you well, it means they see you as capable of being replaced and that is enough reason to throw in the towel.

Reason No 9: Your Values Are at Odds With the Company Culture

If your values are constantly at odds with that of your employer, it’s time to move on. Most times, this clash of values occurs in the workplace and a survey recently indicated that one-third of workers fall into this category.

In a nationwide telephone survey conducted by CO2 Partners, a Minnesota leadership development firm, workers said their employer’s core values are not always consistent with their own.

This clash of values could range from working on Sundays or your manager encouraging you to be economical with the truth, when dealing with customers. Whatever it is, having to work outside your values is stressful and can be avoided by changing jobs. 

Reason No 10: You Are In a Difficult Work Environment

Working involves team work, but a situation where co-workers and bosses are making your job difficult; it’s time to move on. Co-workers and a jerky boss can make your workplace hell. And even though you can try your possible best to mend fences, you can decide to move on, if all else fails. This is because the people you work with are very important; in most cases, they’ll be more of a family to you than your own flesh and blood.

Reason No 11: You’ll Find Your Purpose

If you’re unhappy with your job, take some time off to think and discover your life purpose. I honestly believe we’re all on this earth to achieve a purpose and not just to help someone achieve his own (by working with him or her). Finding your life purpose is one of the reasons I honestly think you can quit your job.

Summary and Action Takeaway

Before you quit your job, do a thorough soul-searching and make sure you have good reasons for moving on. It’s just not enough to be angry with your boss one afternoon and throw in your resignation letter. It doesn’t work that way. Quitting your day job has to be well-planned and orchestrated to avoid regrets in future.

If well-planned, quitting your day job can lead to awesome rewards and accomplishments! It can also be life-changing, if you ask me.