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Reasons to Quit Drinking Bottled Water and Start Drinking Tap Water

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You've heard of people trying to quit smoking, right. Well, if you, like many others, are addicted to bottled water, then this article will give you some facts and figures in a few steps that will make you think twice and want to quit this environmentally unfriendly habit without having too many withdrawals. Bottled water is incredibly wasteful on so many different levels. If you live in the developed world where everyone has access to clean and pure tap water, there is almost no reason to be drinking bottled water. So give up the bottle and start drinking from the tap!

Depending on the brand, bottled water can cost you up to 10,000 times more than the same amount of tap water. Think about how much money you'll be saving by switching to tap water.

Many people think that bottled water is cleaner and purer than tap water, but the reality is that tap water is more often held to much stricter standards than bottled water. Additionally, some brands of bottled water are merely bottles of tap water in disguise. Some brands of bottled water also add salt to their water for taste. And some brands of bottled water end up taking on certain synthetic chemical compounds due to sitting in plastic bottles. The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) standards for tap water are much more stringent and strict than are the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) standards for bottled water. Think about how much cleaner the water you drink will be if you switch to tap water.

Our society's consumption of bottled water fuels an unsustainable, profit-hungry industry that takes a heavy toll on the environment now and in the future. The industry produces a huge carbon footprint. All those plastic bottles require petroleum to be produced and shipped, and all those bottles will most likely not be recycled and will end up sitting in a landfill for ages. In fact, it takes about 1.5 million barrels of oil to produce plastic bottles used for bottled water, and even more oil to ship them. With recent historical spikes in the price of oil, think about how much petroleum is wasted on the bottled water industry. This waste also detracts from attention given to public water distribution systems (i.e. tap water) - a much more environmentally friendly way to deliver safe, drinkable water to homes and businesses.

Approximately two gallons of water are wasted for every gallon that goes into bottled water. Also, water is removed from the local area around bottled water manufacturing facilities, sometimes causing water shortages in those areas.

Think about the fact that in blind taste tests, participants almost always choose the tap water over the bottled water. If you are only drinking bottled water because you think it tastes better than tap water, then simply buy a filter pitcher or faucet filter for your tap. It will save you a lot of money over time. When you leave home, just fill a reusable bottle or two with the filtered water from your tap and take it with you. Think about how much less trash you'll be producing when you aren't throwing out all those plastic bottles.

Remember, if you must continue to drink from a disposable plastic bottle, at least be sure to recycle it rather than throwing it in the trash so they wont become a blight on the landscape. Many city governments have already banned the purchasing of bottled water for local government use. Finally, if you have a group function, provide pitchers of tap water and glasses rather than bottled water.



Sep 8, 2009 8:04am
dear paul i read what you have written there are so many wonderfull things that you said and there are so much information the you have provided. which most of them i am glad to read.
but based on my very personal experience i would like to share one more information about tab water.
nine years ago i bought a water filter which was quite expensive. that filter i purchase after a huge reserch about filters.
there are many kind of filters. the water filteration start called micron from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0.5 mic
thats the most filtering unit that you can get the most clean water from tab.
after istalation that filter in my home with in one week that filter turn in to brown rusty filter. there was no mud but that was the rust which can`t be go away even by boiling. boiling can only kill bactaria but not the rust which travel in the water pipe line system from miles to miles till it we have it for drinking and cooking or for washing.
water botel cost me much higher than tab water but i fear what i have seen in person.
bye dear paul
Jul 10, 2010 10:26am
I liked this article. Who would have guessed that bottled water would have taken off like it has? If someone would have told me stores would sell almost as much bottled water as pop, just 15 years ago, I'd have laughed in their face.

Oh how times have changed.
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