I have tried online dating a few times over the years and I have enough experience to know what many of the advantages and disadvantages are of it. This article will focus on its advantages and why you might want to give it a try. Refer to my article Reasons to Avoid Online Dating for some of its disadvantages.

I find the number one positive of doing online dating is convenience. I work on a computer with internet access all day. It's very easy for me to go online and start talking with people during downtime at work. Many of the people doing online dating claim that they are too busy at work to meet people in traditional ways, so you will find many like-minded individuals if you also work in an office. Using online dating can help avoid office romances and the pitfalls of getting involved with them as your urges for the opposite sex while at work will be channelled online. If you're not at work but don't feel like going out and meeting people at that particular moment, it's very easy to just go online and check out profiles.

The convenience of online dating leads to the second positive which is it has a great advantage when it comes to the numbers game. If you go out to a bar or club or meet people at work, you are limited to just a few dozen to a few hundred people depending on the size of the club or the size of your work place. If you join a popular dating site, you can gain access to thousands of local people instantly.

Having access to that many people really allows you to narrow your search to a certain desired niche. For instance, I am tall, so I appreciate the fact that I can limit my search to women who are 5'10 or taller online and still see hundreds of eligible women that I like. At a club there might be a handful of women who are that all, all of which I may or may not be attracted to in other ways. You can join sites which cater to a specific personal requirement of yours. For example, there are many sites that cater to people who are of a specific religious denomination.

If you are trying to get some insight into the opposite sex, you can talk to a lot of people online and get their inner thoughts, almost like a survey. I have noticed that some people are more open to answering honestly while online as opposed face-to-face as there is a certain level of anonymity assumed by many people until they decide to meet. On your end, you may find it easier to ask questions that you want to ask over a computer as opposed to meeting someone in person for the first time.

These are some of the reasons why you may wish to try online dating. If you do decide to meet someone after chatting for awhile, do so in a public place that is easy to get to such as a mall as a safety precaution.