What To Do With Photos You Take

The best photos to use on your blog, website or even in your articles are the ones you take with your camera. Why are pictures that you take the best choice?

First of all, you have the right to use pictures you take. When you use images that you take with your camera you don't have to worry about copyright infringements. Why can't I just copy and paste an image I find on the Internet or use public domain photos?

Most images you see on the Internet are copyrighted, and you should not use these photos unless you have permission to.

The use of public domain pictures is an option, but you may spend hours trying to find the right image for your needs, and many free public domain photos have been used by others. Original images that you take will personalize your website, blog and articles.

Edit and Enhance Your Photos

Photo editing programs are great for editing your pictures, and adding a special touch. If you don't have photo editing software you can download and use GIMP. This is an open source software, it is a popular photo editing program that is free to download and use.

Once you have your pictures on your computer, start GIMP and open the photo you want to edit. You can crop photos, fix imperfections, remove backgrounds, add text or blend two pictures together; the possibilities are endless. Always make a duplicate of your original image to work on, and save the original. 

Abstract BackgroundCredit: Ms Marie

How to Use Pictures that You Take With a Digital Camera

Add photos to your articles, people like graphics. You can create your own blog backgrounds and headers, or make personalized buttons and avatars. Use your photos to create slide-shows for your website or blog. Graphics can add aesthetic appeal to blogs and websites, and you can use photos that you take in many ways.

You can also use GIMP to create vector art, headers, icons and backgrounds. A digital camera and photo editing software go hand in hand when you need to use images and photos online.