In today’s world, customer service is king with individuals tired of dealing with automated machines and longing for personal connection.  Such a connection is even more important in the medical field, as the last thing an unwell or injured individual wants to deal with is a voice recording.  For this reason, answering services are perfect for any medical practice, particularly those that are not open 24 hours, as they provide patients with comfort and care even at the latest hours.  Here are the best reasons to use a telephone answering service:

Real People

When a live person answers a phone instead of an automated machine, most individuals won’t even realize that they are speaking to an answering service.  Operators can take orders, dispatch, answer frequently asked questions, and forward phone calls in cases of emergency.


The trained members of a live answering service are available to patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  Non-emergency illness and symptoms can strike an individual at any time and by having an answering service, these individuals will always feel properly taken care of.

A Valuable Investment

Many individuals will immediately jump to the next name in the phone book, the second a machine answers their call, a medical answering service completely limits that from even being a possibility, instantly increasing a practice’s business.  With an answering service’s ability to book appointments for patients and collect critical information from them, individuals can be growing their business every hour of the day, for far less money than it would be to hire an employee to work all of those hours.

Customizable To Any Practice

Answering services will work off of any script that a practice provides, and their trained professionals will work with the practice to develop a script that suits their needs and the needs of their patients.  Requests for new prescriptions can be made, appointment times can be changed, billing and insurance can be handled, and test results can be given at all hours of the day.  Also, by implementing an answering service 24 hours a day, and not just for non-business hours, countless hours and dollars can be saved by trained professionals not having to spend nearly as much time on the phone.

Reachable Anywhere

Individuals are able to reach their practice’s answering service from anywhere in the world by calling a set number and inputting their private password.  Special online features allow physicians to sort and respond to all of their patient’s needs, with each practice’s messages updated in real time by the service.  Systems can also be set up for a phone call or text message notification in the case of urgent situations, and allow individuals to go about their time off stress-free, knowing they will be contacted the second they are needed.

For a medical practice, there is no reason not to have an answering service, as physicians need to be available to their patients 24 hours a day, but should also be free to go about their time off without interruption from unnecessary and non-emergency calls.