Freelance writing is a great way to earn online sitting in the comfort of your own home. There are a number of reasons why I started freelance writing from home. These are: 1. I can be comfortable sitting at home, the way I want. 2. I get the satisfaction of working even though I not going outside. That's a great professional satisfaction. I can use all my knowledge and experience in some meaningful pastime. 3. I can look after my family especially children. Children have great impact on them when they see somebody home and can spare quality time with them. 4. I can work at my will. The time management can be effectively done in managing house activities and professional activities. 5. I can do lots of research on the topics I wish to write on as I get ample time at my disposal to do so. 6. I don't feel that I am burden on the family. That's a great feeling. I am contributing towards financial stability of the family. 7. My mind get occupied constructively with innovative and informative ideas. This helps in my better writing as well as providing my children the much needed excellent exposure. 8. I can explore not only my professional subjects but also various other subjects which improves my horizon of thinking. This also assures me a great vision for the future. 9. I can do freelance writing with minimum of resources. 10. With this I can do other tasks as well like web designing, data entry/conversion, blogging etc.