I have my own little story before I elaborate; an example for everyone out there who may feel the same.  When I was in seventh grade, I weighed around 135 to 140 pounds, at my height of 5’1. To be truthful, one day I looked in the mirror and started crying, because I felt disgusted with myself. Immediately, I started working out, taking in less fat calories, and after five months, I dropped down to 105. My point is, I was the one who pushed myself, I was the one who had to face those scales. I wanted my outside to match the way I felt on the inside.

                What I am trying to saying is that, if you’re going to do something, no matter if it’s a change in style, makeup, weight loss or weight gain- do it for yourself first. Never change yourself to fit some else’s version of you, or to please someone. You are the one who will hear your thoughts about your decisions, you are the one who must deal with that choice- and ultimately, at the end of the day, you are the one who will have to look in the mirror and face who you are. No peers, no parents, no celebrities, no bullies or witches- it’s not their life, not their body. It’s your’s. So for whatever decision you make, petty or something that could be life altering- the only variable in that equation that should matter should always be you. Especially teenagers and young adults feel such a need to conform and to please, at the expense of the loss of their own identity and the right to say that they are an individual. A broken person cannot begin to fix another without first fixing what is within. It is not a selfish act to put yourself first, especially not in the case of your outward appearance and whatever talents or personality is waiting to burst forth. I’m not trying to say that everyone must be a leader of a group or club, or anything to that extent- I’m just saying that you should be –you need to be- the leader of your own life. Take the reigns in high school, in college, and do your best to shut out all of the voices that tell you that it isn’t ok to be yourself. You make your drive, you will be the one to push yourself to reach your own goals, and must rely on what you want to be.