Niagara Falls is undoubtedly one of the best places to spend vacations. It’s a magnificent combination of natural beauty and modern structures. The large number of people it attracts every year show how popular this place is. According to an estimate, 14 million people visit Niagara Falls annually. It is shared by two countries Canada and US. There are many reasons why you should plan a tour to this exciting spot.

Nature at its best

At Niagara Falls, you will see unique natural beauty. There are nearly all types of landscapes one can think of. Hilly cliffs, farmland with fresh green grass, serene lake shores, and Niagara Gorge are highly soothing and refreshing for the tourists. Open places have plenty of fresh air and offer great views. It’s a perfect place for those who are tired of hectic urban life that brings the burden of duties, tiredness and fatigue. Clifton hill is known as “world-famous street of fun”. Botanical gardens give a wonderful opportunity to learn something about vegetation in an entertaining way.

Unmatched attractions                

The list of great attractions at Niagara goes on. You cannot forget the view of Maid of the mist that is popular worldwide. The boat will take you there to enjoy the ride on water surface. Dining areas in the big tower are superb. Sumptuous foods are served there. These include sea foods, salads, desserts and meat dishes. The rotating quality makes one of these restaurants different from others. It silently revolves at 360 degrees every hour. Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum has interactive pictures, and exhibits for the visitors.  

For kids

Elders are enjoying so why not kids. They should not be left. Children can have lots of fun activities at Niagara. They can play bowling and games or go to video arcades. Water parks are another recreational place for them. They will definitely enjoy going up to the tower on the escalator and have lunch at restaurants standing at a good height from ground level. Getting a panoramic view of the falls from tower is a rare fun for them.

Special facilities for tourists

Since, Niagara is particularly for tourism purposes, it is very skillfully designed. The amenities are exclusively for comfort and recreation of the visitors that come from all over the world. Every day, buses take thousands of people in Toronto to this gorgeous sight. Flying by air is also smart option. The packages are incredibly affordable. Hotels give excellent services with a welcoming style.

More reasons

You can add as much fun to any activity as you like. Take pictures with family and friends in front of stunning backgrounds. Making video is even more exciting. It can be edited and enriched with effects, music and sounds. Moreover, there is no restriction of season. It’s open throughout the year.

This lifetime experience will surely remain one of the most cherished, truly amazing and unforgettable. 

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