The practice of selling directly to consumers is as old as time.  Instead of having personalized websites, catalogues, and colorized business cards, vendors who lived during Biblical times sold their merchandise directly to consumers at marketplaces. There are many key reasons why direct selling is still a powerful way to make a living even in today’s times. If you are searching for a way to earn additional income or even a way to replace your income, becoming a direct seller could be the path to give you some financial freedom and more flexibility to live your life as you see fit. Here are some key reasons to consider a career in the direct sales industry:

If you are a highly motivated individual who would rather not have to report to a boss, becoming an independent contractor for a direct selling company might be a wonderful career choice. Most direct sales companies provide learning tools and support to independent business owners who pay a modest fee to join the business. Most direct selling companies (also commonly referred to as network marketing companies) offer pay incentives to independent consultants who recruit other people to join the business. Network marketing companies usually pay a percentage out of their own profits to independent business owners who recruit team members and train those team members on how to operate their own independent businesses. As a direct seller, you can be in business for yourself and still have support from team members who will share knowledge and education about the business with you so that you can work your business to the best of your ability.

Most employers do not give their employees much flexibility. When you work for an employer, you must work the set amount of time that your boss wants you to work. If you need to take a day off from working to go to a family event or take care of yourself and your dependents, an employer could refuse your request for time off and even fire you if you miss too many days of work. When you work as an independent network marketing business owner you are not a legal employee, and therefore, you are your own boss and in complete control of your schedule. There is no need to ask for permission to go out of town. You decide how and when you want to service your customers.

The skills required to sell directly to a consumer are many. Time management, public speaking, customer service, and marketing are just some of the skills that you can acquire through building a direct sales business. Personal growth is another big benefit to being a business owner. As a direct seller, you must convince people that your products and services are better in the long run for them than purchasing at a shopping mall. As you develop your skill sets, you can eventually gain the skills to work at almost any other company. Becoming a leader who can manage your own home-based business and show other people how to do the same for themselves is an option that is available to every direct seller. If you are seeking a career that puts you in the driver’s seat, owning a direct selling business will provide options that are not available in other careers.

Although there are many benefits to being a direct seller, there are challenges to not being able to sell from a fixed retail location. You will not have the foot traffic that shopping malls get because you won’t have the outdoor signage that commercial retail stores use. Most direct sales companies have specific rules about how you can advertise your business too; advertising in the media is usually not permitted without the company’s approval. In order to succeed as a direct seller, you must understand that people will usually choose to do business with you because you have first tried to establish a relationship with them. People buy people first, and then they buy their products. Always remember that a direct sales business is relationship-driven.  Establishing relationships with your customers will be the key to your success.