Many companies look to us to make the creation of a website, we send a budget soon come the following questions:
Gee, why a site cost so much?
We want something more basic, do you?
Well, I have a nephew who works with computers and can make a site much cheaper. Ehhhh, he is good at computers, thanks ....

Months later ....

We heard some comments of those people:
A site does not bring results.
It is money thrown away.
I just wanted to have a website because the competitor had.
Blah, blah, blah ....

The above scenario is unfortunately still there and very, nephews who understand computer then these abound. Well, let's answer the questions raised by these companies:

Gee, why a site cost so much?
First the contractor should consider a site as an investment and like any investment that will bring a return that in most cases is money. A good website creation requires knowledge, experience, quality and professionalism, adding all that you can not charge $ 300.00 for a site.

We want something more basic, do you?
Where to get a budget the client believe that there is always one more account, in most cases do not understand that a budget is done on the briefing for the project. Here we have a good set of waist, if something is more basic (cheaper) we remove features of the site that the client requested.

Now the big controversy of "my nephew".
Still happens a lot of famous and nephews who understand computer and make a site.
We have had several experiences of getting a website made by a nephew who did not give results and having the task of getting around that.
The site's nephew
In most cases where templates are changing the texts (almost all, and Welcomme Powered by staying on the site of "Uncle" are trademarks of nephews) and the company logo, many still images of the template are present at the site of "Uncle ". When there are no site templates are standard, only work in IE and the biggest problem, do not appear in the results of search engines, from here we know the reasons for the company is no longer interested in a site, it does not generate results, does not represent well the client's brand, etc ...

For you who are interested in having a website, think of an investment and like any good investment you will pay more than the amount charged by his nephew. This way your site will become a major generator of results for your company. IN-VES-TI-TO-MEN.