There are a lot of great reasons that a person might want to consider special floor paints as one of the options for their floors. Having great looking floors in your home is something that should be important to you. People will judge the look of your home as an extension of the type of person you are, so if you have people coming over to your house to pay you a visit, you want to make your home look as presentable as possible. There are a couple of other reasons that you will want to use paint on the flooring of your home.

One of the main reasons, besides looks, that people paint the floors around their home is to protect them from water damage. The most common areas that people paint their floors is either the basement or the garage because these floors are typically concrete and are prone to cracking. If you have cracks in your floors then you may be allowing moisture to enter in through those cracks which can cause some serious damage if you do not stop it from occurring. There are sealants that can be bought to seal concrete floors, but paint is another option that will cover the cracks and help block the moisture out. The good look you get for the floors is just an added bonus!

For a long lasting coating solution in your garage you should look into a two part epoxy paint. Epoxy is very tough and can withstand a lot of traffic.  Also, it works well as sealing the surface which will stop water from penetrating and causing problems later on.  Also, this sealing action will keep any oil drips and spills from causing a stain that is almost impossible to remove.

In your basement you can go with either an acrylic or a latex floor paint.  These are cheaper than epoxy and they will last for quite a while with only foot traffic.

There are a lot of other reasons to use floor paint around your home but two of the best are the looks and the protection that you are providing. No matter if you want to make your home look great for your family and friends that will be coming over, or you want to protect it from water damage that can come seeping through the cracks, you will want to find the best paint to use on your floors.