I am still amazed at how many people think that cheerleading is not a true sport. There is no doubt that cheerleading is a true sport. Here are some of the top reasons why cheerleading is a sport.


There is much more to cheerleading than simply shaking pom poms and yelling rah rah. Cheerleaders are very athletic and often perform complex maneuvers such as throwing a cheerleader up in the air. Any activity that takes as much physical skill as cheerleaders use is a sport. Being a cheerleader is much harder physically than other so-called sports such as bowling, golf, and MMA fighting. Ok, cheerleading is not near as hard as MMW fighting but it is a good thing to help condition you for it.

UCLA CheerleadersCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmrosenfeld/3193593202/


Many colleges provide scholarships to some or all of their cheerleaders. A cheerleading scholarship is not an academic scholarship. A cheerleading scholarship falls under the category of a sports scholarship.

Practice Time

Cheerleaders send a lot of time at practices. Cheerleaders are always working on new routines, stretching, teamwork, and perfecting older routines they have already learned.  In order to be a good cheerleader it is imperative that you work on your cheerleading daily. Cheerleading is a very progressive sport and if you just stand around chitchatting all day then you will never progress and will get left being. Cheerleading is definitely a sport and if you still do not think it is one then go watch some competitive cheerleading competitions on YouTube.

Head Coaches

On competitive cheerleading squads the cheerleader heard coach is often in demand lime a division 1 schools football coach. Many opportunities will come their way. The thing to keep in mind though is the way the cheerleader head coach goes about their business is similar to the way a head football coach will go about it. Cheerleader coaches will recruit, train, come up with new routines, motivate the girls, make them run laps, and lead by example.

Cheerleader Competitions

Just as football players travel around and play football games competitive cheerleading squads will also travel and compete against other cheerleading squads. Competitive cheerleading competitions allow these girls and guys to strive to reach new highs on their cheerleading ability. By competing you will strive for better results and if you work hard enough and us enough teamwork then your cheerleading squad could win and also give you and the other cheerleaders some bragging rights.

Dictionary Definition

Look up the word “sport” in the dictionary and see if the description fits cheerleading as a sport. Here is the definition of it.

Sport: an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.

Yes cheerleading is definitely a sport by the dictionary definition of it.

Still Not a Believer?

If you still do not believe that cheerleading is a sport then I highly recommend you go to a cheerleading camp for a week. By actively getting involved and doing what cheerleaders do you will rapidly learn about how physical cheerleading is. You will also probably change your thinking and begin to agree that cheerleading is indeed a true sport.

The Olympics

Ok, now I am fully aware that cheerleading is not an Olympic sport; however gymnastics is. There are a lot of similarities between gymnastics and cheerleading. If you have ever seen cheerleaders do some of their complex moves then you will definitely be aware of how much gymnastics and cheerleading have in common. If gymnastics can be an Olympic sport then cheerleading definitely fits the definition of a sport.

Cheerleader at CalCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/virtualsugar/3978664221/Wrong Impression

Many people who think that cheerleading is not a sport simply have the wrong impression of it. If people have only seen sideline cheerleaders who mainly kick, wave, and cheer without doing much of anything else then I can see why you may think cheerleading is not a sport. Take a look at the video below and tell me that you do not think the athletic prowess needed to perform this cannot be considered a true sport.


Football coaches always devise a strategy to use against a particular team when they play against them. Cheerleading is the same with competitive cheering squads devising specific strategies to counteract those of the opposing teams the competition. A victorious cheerleading squad often devises ingenious strategies to help beat their opponents.


More injustices occur in cheerleading than enjoy other high school or college sport with the exception of football. You don’t get injuries sitting around playing chess but you do get injuries when you are participating in a real sport such as cheerleading.

Mental Demands

As with all sports, there is a high cal for mental demands t be met when participating in competitive cheering. Cheerleading can be very stressful. Between trying to budget time for school, homework, learning new routines, perfecting old routines, stretching, and all other many other demands can place  a lot of stress on the individual cheerleaders. Cheerleaders need to be constantly aware of their surroundings when they are practicing and competing so they do not injure someone or themselves. The fact that these women and men and can do this while remaining spiritually, emotionally and hopefully physically healthy is truly amazing and help to show that competitive cheerleading is indeed a true sport.

Safety Judges

At competitions there are safety judges who job is to not only judge the competition but to also watch for illegal cheerleading moves. Many of the illegal cheering moves have been deemed so because they can be extremely dangerous. Anytime you have to discourage and ban girls from performing highly intricate and potentially dangerous moves then it is sure a truly physical activity that can be considered a true and real sport.

I’d love to hear your opinions in the comment section below this article about whether you think cheerleading is a true sport or not. If you do not think cheerleading is a sport then definitely leave a comment to let me know why you feel that way.