As we draw nearer to the launch of the next round of powerful console upgrades from the likes of Microsoft and Sony, the profound effect of this is that when these consoles land on our retail shelves they won’t come cheap and because of how much they will cost many gamers will have to make the choice of buying one to forgo the other completely or wait till when the price drops in order to be able to buy at a later date. The obvious truth is that PS 4 or PS Orbis or PS Omni, depending on what ever Sony finally decide to call it, will not be cheap. If there is anything we can learn from the recent launch of the Nintendo Wii U, is that the cost of dedicated gaming consoles will continue to go up.


ps-4Credit: Sony

As an entertainment hobbyist it is very important that whenever am buying an electronic device it has to come with everything I need in it. I narrow down everything to what I need at the moment when ever I am confronted with a lot of choices. One thing I always tell myself is that there will always be better hardware come next round of console upgrades ( PS5 and Xbox 4 will see another major upgrade), but for now the PS4 and Xbox 720 are looking to be something ‘spectacular’ and that is if the recent hardware specs leaks are anything to go by. Here are some of my reasons for making the PS4 my console of choice and the first console I will ever buy with my own money.


#1. Powerful hardware specs: When the PlayStation 3 came out sometime in the year 2006, it came with a lot of CPU and GPU power. The console was designed with a proprietary CPU called CELL. The CPU was so powerful it was often referred to as a super computer on a chip. But the only mistake Sony engineers made at that time was to put in a limited amount of RAM in the console and this hindered the performance of the CELL CPU. Now, with the rumors going on about the PS4 it is obvious that the team at Sony is putting together a powerful console that could make the PS3 look like child’s play when it comes out. Knowing Sony for what they do I have no doubt that they will deliver this time around. They did it with the PS3, they did it with the PS Vita and the PS4 is not going to be an exception this time around. It’s definitely going to be powerful as well.


#2. Blue Ray and 4K HD: I know information about this is a bit cloudy at the moment, but I am quite certain that Sony will bring out a console that will be able to put out 4K HD movies at the least. And for the PS 4 to be future proof and fairly competitive this time around I believe it has to be able to put out 4K HD games in 2D. You could argue that 4K HD gaming might be a little difficult for the console to pull-off, but if it’s going to last another 10 years from now then it will have to be able to do that from the very beginning. I am not that much bothered about 3D gaming but if it is able to do 3D well at 60fps in 1080p HD, I will gladly welcome it. As for Blue Ray, I think a high density Blue Ray player or what we call Blue Ray 2.0 would come with the PS 4. This will make it possible for the console to be able to handle high density data and also be able read disc much faster. The inclusion of Blue Ray in the PS 3 hardware can attest to this. 

#3. Online functionality and Cloud gaming: PlayStation Plus is the rave of the moment. Getting games to play for free is definitely a win win for me. I have played a few PS3 games and if this service makes it possible for me to get all the PS 3 games I have missed and have been longing to play on my PS 4. It just makes me want to buy the PS4 on day one. Now that is if I can afford it at the launch price. If this strategy doesn’t win gamers over to the Sony side I can’t think of anything else that will. With the recent purchase of Gaikai (cloud gaming company) by Sony I am really interested in what Sony will be able to do with the service. I know it’s going to be something really cool.


playstation vita(68896)Credit: Sony


#4. Low hardware failure rate: Knowing Sony to be a powerful hardware company it was no surprise to me to learn that the PS 3 had a few hardware issues (YLOD) compared to that of the Xbox 360 RROD issues. I think Sony would have learned a lot from the PS 3 manufacturing and they will not make the same mistake with the PS 4. If nothing else I think the PS 4 will have less hardware issues. And that is something am really hoping will be one of the compelling reasons to buy a PS 4.


#5. A lasting console support: Whenever I think of how PS 2 is still being supported up till this day.  It gives me confidence and assurance that Sony will not completely abandon the PS 4 when the next console after it comes out. Giving the steady 10 years support for each console in its life cycle is something I wish every console maker could emulate. It is without doubt that the PS 4 will have this 10 year life support as well. And that is something that makes me want to buy it the more.


xbox 720(68024)Credit: Microsoft games

All these reasons and many more that I do not have the time to write about here are what will affect my decision of buying a PS 4 come next year when it launches worldwide. Are you also planning on buying the PS 4? You can drop a comment below to tell me what your reasons are too.

nintendo wii uCredit: nintendo