Reasons why you don't have a girlfriend.

“Girls want to have fun”, or is it “girls are out to get you” ?

If we were to consult popular culture to find what to do around women to get them to notice you and like you we would be terribly confused. I even watched that movie “what women want” and it didn’t help.

I have a girlfriend now, but for a long while I didn’t.

I made a few changes in my approach to how I interacted with girls and things changed dramatically for the better.

In this article I will go through a few of the methods I used to change my approach and then as a direct result of that, how it improved my interactions with ladies.

  1. Meeting girls

I had been  a shy guy and not one for approaching girls for not knowing what to say. It resulted in me not even sharing a smile with girls or ladies I had never met. This wasn’t the case with guys I met, I was always friendly and smiling with them because I didn’t see them as threatening at all. I began to think to myself, this is not logical. It doesn’t do me any good – girls would see me as unfriendly which is a result of my shyness around them and not as a true reflection of my personality. It is not a fair representation of me. I needed to change this to be true to myself, regardless of what girls thought (because I thought they would think of me as liking them – which was sometimes the case). When I started to smile, strange things happened.... Namely, girls smiled back.

And they talked to me.

Which leads me on to the second point

2.Great conversations with girls.

The key to having a great conversation with a girl, is to again bury your shyness. Just do this by talking with them, about them. Comment on their hair such as “is that your natural color?”. Ask them about how work is. Ask them what they did on the weekend, “I went to the beach” might be your answer – the key from that is to make a follow up question such as “are you a bikini or a one piece suit type of girl?” Make comments that endear them to you. Try a few different things out here and you’ll see what works. Say everything with a smile.

3.Invite them places with you.

At work or even with girls you meet socially, become comfortable asking them to come places with you. Not in a “date” type of way, but as a way of just getting out and about with them and building confidence in their company. Something along the lines of “a few of us are going to grab a drink this Friday, you should definitely come along!”. Sound enthusiastic. Girls who are fun to be around will say yes more often than not.

Follow the above tips or add your own tips for meeting girls in the comments below. Good luck!