If you are the type of person who usually workout at a high intensity, you may very well be vulnerable to overall muscle soreness. I will tell you why you should buy bath salts as a cheap and effective way to relieve you of all over muscle soreness.

After a long day of vigorous activities, getting overall muscle soreness two or 3 days later is a big challenge. Most of the time you will experience soreness in your muscles before you begin your workout after a long rest. This is just a disappointing feeling and in turn, might discourage you from continuing with your daily exercises. If you are used to getting things done that are of high intensity or doing bodybuilding sessions weekly, ending up with all over muscle soreness is such a stressful situation. Some have even experienced sleepless nights because of this. With days like this, you probably tried all the medications out there. It just leaves you with complications and a big hole in your wallet.

What is Muscle Soreness?

The phenomenon I am talking about is called delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. It is the when your body feels muscle pain and stiffness that oftentimes occur a day or two after a hard workout. You may experience this if you are out to try a new exercise regimen or change your exercise program drastically. It can be a cause for panic for beginners. But for those who have been in the game long enough, they know what they are dealing with they treat delayed onset muscle soreness as the body's normal response to unnatural muscle activity. It is just part of a natural adaptation and evolutionary process which can ultimately lead to added muscle strength and healing ability. You shouldn't be worried as this is not a muscle injury. It is just the stiffness and ache that is at its worst within the first few days after a intense exercise. This will all subside over the next few days if you take the right precautions.

How to use Bath salts as treatment for all over muscle soreness

Bath salts can be your best friend if you want a cheap and effective treatment for muscle soreness I discussed. Not only does it relieve muscle pain caused by DOMS, it can also soften and exfoliate your skin, reduces the swelling of your muscles, remove harmful toxins from your body and add a pleasant scent. The usual salts used for food and other stuff will leave your skin dry, but don't expect the same with these salts. These will actually leave your skin with a soft feeling.

This is how I usually make use of bath salts to help me with overall muscle soreness:

I add about two cups of bath salt on warm bath water. I then, massage the salts all over my body especially to those areas which is in pain while I am soaking. This will clean and exfoliate your skin.

If you just want to focus on a certain problem area, a half cup of bath salt and a large pot of warm water would be ideal. Add lavender oil or some other natural oils if you wish invigorate the experience and healing effects.

You can also be used these as compresses that can address injuries such as bruises and sprains. Dissolve two cups of salt in hot water and use this for your compress.

You can buy bath salts just about anywhere, whether it is online or on your favorite store. You have to remember that this product is intended for external use only. Hold back on these stuff if you have existing wounds.